New prosperous develops successful bearing ferrule automatic lathe

   Recently, one kind can replace the small stage car, automatic lathe that is used at machining bearing ferrule to be in mix newly development of accurate and mechanical limited company is successful, this action brought major interest good news to the bearing industry of new prosperous. 22 days, the county leads warm, Xie Yingjun to make an on-the-spot investigation to this company on a special trip, technology of pivotal to this general character tackles key problem gave height successfully the opinion.

    New prosperous is China ” the countryside of bearing ” . Mix newly the ferrule of bearing of QTL series mechanical of accurate and mechanical limited company and Zhejiang university machinery and development of combination of institute of the sources of energy is automatic lathe, have cost low, operation precision of simple, treatment and manufacturing efficiency are tall, energy-saving the effect is apparent wait for an advantage, and can become several machines an automatic product line repeatedly, what realize bearing ferrule thereby is full automatic turning treatment. As we have learned, the manufacturing benefit of this equipment can be compared common small stage car raises 2/3 above, with domestic congener equipment photograph comparing also has clear competitive advantage.

    After warmth of vice secretary of county Party committee, head of a county is listening to company controller to concern circumstance introduction, spot view and emulate automatic lathe demonstrates. He says, bearing is one of pillar industries of new prosperous, automation is the inevitable tendency that bearing industry grows. Bearing ferrule succeeds from the development of motor-car bed, broke through those who restrict industry of new prosperous bearing to develop further ” bottleneck ” , make automation of bearing treatment implementation is a dream no longer. It is project of innovation of a science and technology not only, it is Cheng of a rich laborer more, be sure to bring far-reaching influence to industry of new prosperous bearing. Warmth points out, small innovation also has big market, hope enterprise can accelerate development process further, form dimensions to produce as soon as possible, push as early as possible to the market, the scientific research positive result that yields this benefit and innumberable families is changed at an early date for productivity, put the solution in the worker manual labor from traditional mill type, expand to develop the bearing industry of new prosperous gives a power.