Because industry of Japanese machine tool moves order to anticipate on Chinese demand


According to ” net of day classics Chinese ” report, favour of village of meal of chairman of association of Japanese machine tool industry is born to held a press conference in Tokyo on September 27, will annual order anticipated 2017 on move to 1.55 trillion yen, relatively this premise is tall 15% . This anticipates achieve adjacent 2007 history on the Gao Shuiping of highest 1.59 trillion yen.

Form from what order anticipates in light of, predict inside need to grow 13% than 2016, reach 600 billion yen, need to grow 32% outside, reach 950 billion yen. The impulsion of growth is Chinese demand anabiosis. Enter after 2017, the installation cost demand related IPhone of Chinese new fund is shown gradually, those who appeared to come from electronic product acting labour to serve is special need, push considerably tall order.

Statistic of association of Japanese machine tool industry shows, 1~8 month came from China 2017 outside need accumulative total to reach 223.2 billion yen, had exceeded 2016 the accumulative total forehead of annual. Suffer Chinese driving expression to drive, rimeiou the demand of the developed country is very strong also.

Although the electronic product generation of Chinese home is versed in demand steeps fall likely, but meal village points out, the average machine of; China keeps strong on certain level, pull use range big. The risk that electronic product generation is versed in can rely on other sphere to offset, think order anticipates hopeful is reached.

Will look with more long-term vision, return industry of existence China manufacturing industry to upgrade good factor of this one interest. Chinese government put forward ” China is made 2025 ” guideline, the industry that pushs manufacturing industry upgrades, increasing to the demand of high-powered Japanese machine tool. Sen Yayan of president of chance of DMG dark essence expresses in the light of Chinese client, more and more difficult support before equipment makes a product, cogent feeling got change.

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