6 axes move 5 dimension together machine of numerical control machining center will appear on Beijing carpentry to exhibit

    Banner woodworker produces business — Ba Ji (BACCI) the machine component that the company produces is two kinds big: Machine carpentry machine automatically for traditional chair subclass, machine of machine of mortise of boring of bilateral profiling copy mill, double head, rabbet of double head mill; To can machine chair subclass component and bed group, chest, table, hutch ark is mixed the machine of machining center of 5 dimension CNC of any stereo components.   
Deploy axis having sheet, double axis, odd mesa, double mesa, add up to the complete function of 13 kinds of type machine of machining center of 5 dimension CNC. What be about to kick off is dozenth an international woodworker and exhibition of furniture production facilities / dozenth on an international furniture fittings, material and wood exhibition, ba Ji company will reveal what appear first in China in 3 houses 3B01 ” MASTER ” 6 axes move 5 dimension together machine of numerical control machining center.  

As we have learned, “MASTER ” for Ba Ji (BACCI) the 6 axes that the company develops distinctly use machine of machining center of numerical control of 5 dimension double mesa together, suit to machine furniture of eat chair, bedroom, cabinet form furniture, desk kind carpentry furniture fittings and plastic products and the treatment that are not iron metal product. Knife head perhaps can machine different product at the same time at the same time same a product, undertake curiuming cutting at the same time, mill, point to receive, tenon of bore, state-owned parent is machined at the same time, be 10 thousand with model machine of machining center of 5 dimension numerical control. “MASTER ” can control mesa to process different work alone, if encounter workpiece to exceed big when can control mesa to work at the same time, the treatment that can make machine of traditional and planar numerical control on treatment also can make completely stereo treatment, can put different work in the buy on mesa and machine at the same time. Ba Ji company already developed 9 kinds of type complete applicably any diverse demand.  

“MASTER ” mesa configures two TGV model (BACCI is patent) workbench, every workbench has two steeliness support, clip stuff kind has vacuum adsorption and baric clip to expect 2 kinds of each other use air cylinder, to little work can be machined firmly. Advocate treatment nose is supported by furcate arm, deserve to have the main shaft of bearing of pottery and porcelain of 4 independent high speed, power of every main shaft is 10HP, top rotate speed can amount to 24000RPM. Meanwhile, "MASTER " use program can pass Ba Ji company’s particular imitate to emulate software PITAGORA to arise, PITAGORA generation procedure is very simple, can complete the software that all preparation work and needs other no longer beforehand in the office.