Male, China successfully held the north branch opening ceremony

On September 8th to & other;Wisdom and guinness forced our reputation throughout the future &;As the theme of the male, the opening ceremony of the north China branch and intelligent manufacturing seminar held in tianjin successfully.At the opening ceremony, male, Asia Pacific sales director Christos Mpamiatzis, male, China general manager Mr Dr Duchamp frugal, catic international aviation manufacturing technology application center senior project manager Mr Chang and tianjin airport economic zone management committee and investment promotion bureau deputy director carlo, in turn, speech and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony, hundreds of customers, partners and the media to witness the event.& other;Strengthen the localization service, flexible response to customer needs, provide quality solutions, we are looking to bring direct benefits to the client, and male grams of north China branch of important purpose.Throughout the &;Du said in the opening ceremony of the speech.& other;German male, is a traditional family business, and always stay in the spirit of innovation with pioneering spirit and keep improving attitude, more than 70 years constantly, gradually developed into a leading fetching system and clamping technology enterprises in the development of globalization.And we will be precise, flexible, efficient and simple idea to China and carry forward.Throughout the &;Improve male g value-added service to the north branch is located in tianjin airport economic zone, forum guests visited the decoration after the opening ceremony of the new office and the environment.This opening is male, a new milestone in China’s manufacturing industry in the north to the high-end important period of transformation and upgrading, and male region important for China’s future market strategy, since then, male, China will be closer to the north user localization, improve service levels, based on the local, from set out actually support customers get higher production efficiency and the maximum interests.Intelligent manufacturing workshop in the afternoon of the symposium on intelligent manufacturing, du and two male g technology experts published a keynote speech.First of all, German industrial 4.0 Dr Duchamp frugal and the theme of China’s manufacturing industry to upgrade, the robot introduced the related industry status, as well as Germany male grams of the latest research progress in this field.Subsequently, male, China r&d manager Mr MaXiaoJie efficient processing of modern modular fixture system are introduced, male g China technical director Mr Xiao-hua yu share the male g automation fetching system of a large number of classic case.German headquarters to open a new chapter in riverside Lao fen of male company was founded in 1945, from a mechanical workshop development up to now, more than 2800 staff throughout the world, nine factories and 30 subsidiaries located in more than 50 countries and distribution partners, fetching system is the international market and clamping technology leader.Since entering the China market, has maintained the extraordinary creativity and vitality, from set up headquarters in Shanghai to set up the north branch, male, China will be one step a footprint, with domestic clients, to explore the more advanced machining concept and development trend of science and technology, jointly lead to intelligent development of China’s manufacturing industry.(the original title: male, China successfully held the north branch opening ceremony) (source: male g)