Faithful flourishing group adds Liaoning newly production of hurried of machining center machine tool

Recently, liaoning the manufactory enters bodywork of aluminium alloy of faithful flourishing group newly machine tool of 3 integrated machining center, machine need with the production of cogent and contented constant growth. It is reported, the installation that takes a machine tool newly debugs the job to all be finished smoothly, already threw now try move.

Ingoing is integrated machining center machine tool is main by operating system, control the part such as system, treatment system is comprised, it is the advanced facility that has efficient and integrated process capability. The operation unit of this machine tool includes Control Panel and mechanical operation face plate two parts, handlers can pass man-machine interface, according to producing treatment need adjusts craft parameter, execute an order well and truly quickly, task of the treatment that finish. In addition, enter machine tool of integrated machining center newly to still have advanced main shaft to rotate, the treatment function such as timing, to a few special type workpiece also can realize expensive precision work.

Advanced technical equipment is Liaoning the development base of faithful flourishing group and industry dominant position, it is reported, the group upgraded in equipment 2014, product research and development, market is developed reach the industry is outspread wait for many sided development, the company is able to grow continuously.

According to Liaoning money signed up for faithful flourishing group 2014, net profit grew the company 2014 16.5% to make an appointment with a RMB 2.48 billion yuan, sales volume of aluminous extruding product is pressed year rise 14.0% reach about 745 thousand tons, the exit sale of the group is pressed year showing increase 35.3% reach about 84 thousand tons; Can decrease an environmental protection consciousness to increase in global section especially, traffic carriage domain is light below traffic big environment, faithful flourishing group accelerates Liaoning ceaselessly the model development that aluminium makes commercial vehicle and produce can build, in order to welcome the rapid growth that Chinese aluminium controls commercial vehicle market to be about to appear.