Big machine tool forms a delegation to be built for Chinese spacecraft ” heart “

On Feburary 3, pass examine and verify of layer upon layer identity and sign confidential and affirmatory postscript, the reporter walks into Shanghai spaceflight equipment to make total factory numerical control machine minute of factory, see a lot of grotesque an organic whole shape component, it is component of key of rocket, airship mostly. And their nicety is modelled have group of 9 Dalian machine toolmachining center ” important participate in. Be in this day, 9 Dalian ” machining center ” additionally two homebred machine tools pass machine tool along with industry letter ministry is checked and accept, to countrywide spaceflight domain promotion is used. This is product of Dalian machine tool first high end of batch application spaceflight creates a field, it is important to indicating production equipment of product of our country spaceflight is certain domain implementation is homebred change.

2011, equipment of spaceflight of Shanghai of the 8th academy creates company of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology the unit such as total factory and group of Dalian machine tool assumes our country spaceflight jointly high-grade numerical control machines complex structural member demonstrative project. This one demonstrative project makes complex component treatment can collect 40% above spaceflight to equip with the homebred and high-grade numerical control that has own intellectual property, the Jade Hare-the moon for project of month of orgnaization of dimensional butt joint, visit the manned spaceflight such as cabin of resource of aircraft of target of date moon car, heavenly palace and priority discipline of country of visit month project are carried out smoothly offer crucial equipment to ensure. Demonstrative project uses 11 homebred machine tools, 9 come from group of Dalian machine tool. Product of Dalian machine tool came true firm soft union and completely flexible change, a lot of decisive technologies reach world top-ranking level, all crucial parts realize ego form a complete set. A lot of valve component that these homebred machine tools participate in production are the spaceflight such as carrier rocket aero heart, control carrier rocket flies.

In 9 Dalian machine tool, chd series 9 axes mill of 5 linkage car is compound center but according to user demand, through different module combination is formed include center of numerical control lathe, turning, car mill center and Che Xi compound center inside a variety of configuration machine tool. Control number of axle can expand from 2 axes linkage 3 axes linkage, four-axle linkage till control of 5 axes linkage. Before this, our country ever bought this kind of equipment to auspicious of German heart Ma, refuse. When group of Dalian machine tool development goes this equipment hind, de Maji expresses very quickly to be willing to give a try out of this kind of machine tool. According to group of Dalian machine tool total stylist Huang Fuzhong introduces, current, the foreign congener equipment of all high-grade machine tools in demonstrative project cancels the limitation to China already, and the price is reduced considerably, keep balance basically with homebred equipment. Group of Dalian machine tool targets of next research and development are the domain such as industry of industry of aerospace, enginery, nucleus and car, It.