“Made in northwest wisdom” in hand “in” big open pattern to realize win-win cooperation

Walking in the northwest five provinces of industrial base and emerging industrial demonstration park, from large equipment production workshop to cloud computing processing center, the new energy technology team to production line, robots and otherIntelligent manufacturing & throughout;Elements can be seen everywhere.Northwest the earth, and the critical period of transformation and upgrading in China’s manufacturing, backwardness to catch up with, a number of special advantage industries backward production capacity, innovation driven development.Especially as & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Northwest manufacturing, such as the active participation in international industrial division of labor, release a new development potential.It is shaanxi automobile group co., LTD., the welding workshop, mechanical arm in the welding of heavy truck front photograph (June 21).The xinhua news agency Yi-bo li innovation leads the traditional enterprise taken out & other;High-end & throughout;Temperament and traditional foundry difference, yinchuan Shared equipment co., LTD. 3 d printing workshop, wearing a white shirt, wearing white gloves, in a clean, quiet, constant temperature environment, through the computer control completes the casting sand mold manufacturing.Workshop director Ma Faren says the 3 d casting printer with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the 12 major key technologies, the cumulative production 4000 tons castings fall into five categories, lower cost than traditional workshop by half, the product error is from 1 mm to 0.3 mm.Since this year, the northwest through internal reform, independent research and development, manufacturing industry make up their own short board, a batch of excess capacity, backward production capacity, gradually from low cost to turn to high quality advantage, competitive advantage by & other;Throughout the northwest manufacturing &;To & other;Northwest smart & throughout;The upgrade.Shaanxi qinchuan machine tool group through constructing state-level enterprise technology center, r&d center, post-doctoral scientific research workstation platform, the introduction of domestic and international high-end talent, set up skill master studio, small inventions, small improvements to the design to produce highly sophisticated equipment with international advanced level.Group chairman Long Xingyuan said: & other;Due to internal innovation, the upturn in the performance of a company, product compared with imported products competition gradually rise, the market demand is growing rapidly.Throughout the &;& other;Northwest smart & throughout;Towards the frontier as China’s wind power industry one of the earliest engaged in equipment research and development and manufacturing enterprises, Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co., Ltd (Goldwind) 19 years have passed.The domestic enterprise USES the local unique wind resources in xinjiang, from the introduction of advanced world wind power technology, independent research and development of megawatt wind power generator, gradually become the world’s leading wind power as a whole solution provider.Workers in Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co., Ltd in hami assembly intelligent CNC operation on the production line (file photo).Xinhua hair in xinjiang goldwind headquarters Zhu Xinxiang introduction, deputy general manager of enterprise in the industry take the lead in conducting a direct-drive permanent magnet wind power generation technology, represents the most growth prospects in the field of global wind power technical route, & other;The application of this technology in urban, suburban wind resources are relatively rich areas such as use of wind power, clean more accord with modern green development concept.Throughout the &;Xinjiang goldwind science and technology is, in recent years put forward around & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Core intelligent construction to speed up the equipment manufacturing industry, the standard internationalization and green production.Zhu Xinxiang think, with natural advantages, in the northwest region by strengthening cooperation and coordination among regions, optimize the industrial layout, have incalculable advantage backwardness.In recent years, the active docking national manufacturing industry development strategy in northwest China, successively formulate action scheme for “made in China 2025 qinghai bisected action outline for” made in China 2025 gansu province guide, put forward to promote technical innovation, speed up cultivating new kinetic energy, the new formats, pushing the economic growth from extensive inefficient to intensive and efficient, shift from elements drive to innovation.Innovation this year in qinghai province electricity price linkage mechanism, the implementation of the natural gas price series of measures to support key enterprises, such as dissolve excess capacity of 590000 tons, such as steel, coal implementation & other;Key industries throughout to support engineering & science and technology;289, the new output value 6.35 billion yuan.Gansu province is put forward to develop new chemical materials, clean and efficient utilization of coal 10 advantage industry chain (cluster) and 16 new material industry base.Started earlier in shaanxi, the readjustment of the industrial structure of the industry in the national ranking during twelfth five-year increased from 18 to 14.The ministry released data show that in the first half of this year in ningxia, qinghai industrial growth both national average growth is fast, xinjiang also implemented by profit plunged into a rapidly rising.Docking & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Realize win-win cooperation of intelligent manufacturing make enterprises more competitive, northwest has & other;Go out & throughout;The bottom spirit.By gansu LanShi group production of large-scale oil drilling rig, on international freight trains, arrived in turkmenistan along the silk road.Lanzhou LanShi energy equipment international engineering company deputy general manager said ideology, their product price is higher than the European and American countries, is very popular with the international market, enterprises have and & otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Along the line more than 40 countries and regions have established business contacts.Now, many & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Along the country’s demand for infrastructure and production equipment, and the manufacturing industry of western region is more close to the market, the obvious geographical advantages, overseas development pace is accelerating.It is not only embodied in the products for overseas sales, also includes the investment, overseas m&a, set up overseas r&d institutions, etc.1 – April, according to data from the ministry of commerce, China’s enterprises in & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;61 countries along the new signing foreign contracted projects amounted to $31.85 billion, including investment in countries along the 12 more than $100 million.Shan steam group has been in kazakhstan, Malaysia, Iran and other 10 countries and regions have localization project, cars assembled shan nearly 5000, the international marketing team localization rate of 30%.Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co., Ltd in the United States, Denmark, Germany and other places set up seven r&d center, has more than 2000 international senior r&d engineers and service engineers.& other;As originally we draw lessons from environmental protection new energy technology from abroad, now we will be more advanced, more environmental protection and the concept of products and services to more countries.Throughout the &;Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co., Ltd, chairman of wisco said.Nowadays, more and more manufacturing enterprises borrow & other northwestOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Opportunities to open inclusive, cooperation and win-win attitude more international partners, hand in hand in promoting global innovation, improve the international industrial division of labor system, made a new & other;China’s contribution & throughout;.The great seal xu (reporter FuXiaoBo jakiro, tu JinYu jin-jin wang) (the original title: & other;Northwest smart & throughout;Hand in hand & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Big open pattern to realize win-win cooperation) (source: xinhua news agency)