Tianxu numerical control two “star” product shipment smoothly

Autumn in September, jinan tianxu nc machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & otherTianxu CNC & throughout;)Staff for shipment on the busy, debugging, packaging, loading work in an orderly way.Tianxu CNC products are through a comprehensive functional test before delivery, staff again for the precision and stability of the products for testing, to ensure the delivery of product is stable and reliable, flexible and accurate processing.Recently, tianxu nc two product, TPD2016A CNC plane drilling machine and TBL3635 CNC Angle drilling in packaging workshop, production line loading sent to the customer’s factory.Tianxu CNC two & other;Star & throughout;Product shipment smoothly tianxu CNC located in zhangxia area, covers an area of about 30000 square meters, is one specialized is engaged in the numerical control drilling, punching, cutting, milling, sawing, bending, straightening, groove and other integrates light numerical control of complete sets of processing equipment high-tech enterprises.Since its inception, tianxu numerical control has always been adhering to the & other;The quality of casting brand, the good faith to win market;Harmonic convergence talents, promote the development of innovation & throughout;The concept of development, with advanced r&d technology, high quality products and sincere service won the recognition and favor of users, the company independent research and development production of the tower of the numerical control processing equipment, steel structure CNC sheet sets of processing equipment, large class CNC complete sets of processing equipment have been widely used in electric power communication tower, wind power generation equipment, steel structure, the central refrigeration, automobile, petrochemical, heat exchanger, engineering machinery and other industries.As the technology innovation and international standard initiative, domestic equipment has been able to occupy a place in the field of finishing.As the best domestic machinery manufacturing equipment business, tianxu tower CNC numerical control production of complete sets of processing equipment, steel structure CNC sheet complete sets of processing equipment and large class CNC complete sets of machining equipment quality pass, high efficiency, make good choice of manufacturing enterprises.The successful delivery of the two products, let us experience the unique charm PD2016A CNC plane drilling machine.PD2016A CNC plane drilling machine 1, the equipment is mainly aimed at building steel structure tower, petrochemical equipment, such as plate drilling.Adopt gantry structure, longitudinal mobile (X), lateral movement (Y) and drilling power head vertical motion (Z axis), all passed by servo motor precision ball screw pay drive along a straight line guide rail.Can automatic, accurate, quick positioning, automatic complete the drilling process.Greatly improve the drilling speed and accuracy.At the same time avoided because of artificial positioning and drilling error caused by workpiece may repair or scrap.PD2016A CNC plane drilling machine 2, machine tool control system controlled by PC + CNC numerical control system.Upper machine equipped with automatic programming software and machine tool monitoring software, AUTOCAD drawing file can be directly convert to generate machining program.Even simple manual programming is also very quickly, do not have computer operation experience is also available in a very short period of time to complete the workpiece programming.3, the hydraulic clamp group to complete the workpiece clamping and loosening, workpiece clamping reliable, stable and fast.Automatic chip removal device, the circulating water cooling system, reduce the auxiliary time, reduces the labor intensity.Artificial need only upper and lower artifacts, bit change.4, advanced CNC drilling power head, through the microcomputer control, can according to the different pore size automatically adjust to the best drilling feeding and rotational speed, also can be set according to the different situation of artificial.Besides can work through hole, also can realize processing blind holes and hole steps.Drilling shaft bottom is Morse taper hole 4, equipped with a special remove bit wrench, don’t knock, convenient and quick, to protect the machine precision and life.And equipped with mohs variable diameter of 3 #, 2 #, can be installed & phi;50 mm below the different diameter of HSS twist drill.5, the nc drilling machine is according to the characteristics of the machining and precision requirements for design, compact structure, flexible, therefore can better adapt to the processing requirements.Both circular distribution of drilling and drilling can accurately complete linear distribution.At present, in the new round of industrial revolution, all countries in building their own intelligent manufacturing system.In order to achieve & other;Throughout China’s smart &;, not necessarily & other;Industrial machine tool & throughout;Support.In the future, tianxu nc will actively response & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Call, for the majority of users with high precision, high quality, high efficiency high quality products, help & other;Throughout China’s smart &;A helping hand.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)