Hanjiang machine tool subject achievement authorised by the user

Recently, the national major projects supervision and evaluation expert group of science and technology and ministry of science and technology science and technology assessment center and a line of 6 people, the major projects for the leaders to hanjiang machine tool co., LTD., led for five major projects and has passed the final acceptance of the mission conducted field research evaluation.Assessment team first listened to han machine project director for special task completion, iconic transformation and application of research results in the aspects of the detailed report, the scene to listen to the opinions and Suggestions, then a special field, the application of the research results at the scene of the production.Assessment team agree that han led machine company to undertake all of the five major subject passed final acceptance.Evaluation results show that the enterprise research and development work is very solid, product special requirements, the indicators have reached the research results in this enterprise has been applied to achieve scale, and recognized by the industry users, get the new orders, a representative in the field of research and development of the national major projects.In recent years, han machine company with responsible for major projects, give full play to its own in terms of thread processing, detection of deep industrial base and research and development advantages, to & other;Create scroll feature complete industry chain, industry to provide comprehensive technology solutions & throughout;Making enterprise development plan as an objective, scientific, reasonable selection conforms to the subject of enterprise development strategy, help enterprise rapid development.At the same time, han machine company is also involved in the chengdu aircraft group, baoji loyalty, changhe aircraft group, nanjing university of science and technology etc dozens of subject (corpus) research task, successfully solved the domestic scroll feature for the relevant unit matching problem.Han machine (the original title: the subject results) will be recognised users (source: China machine tool industry association)