National standardization technical committee held a seven-time metal-cutting machine tool enlarged meeting three times

On March 8, & other;The metal cutting machine tool standardization technical committee of seven national three enlarged meeting & throughout;Held in zhejiang jinyun.The metal-cutting machine tool standard members and member representatives, representatives of industry backbone enterprises and standard drafting the members of the working party, more than 80 people attend the meeting.Meeting by the national standard committee, deputy director of the commission metal-cutting machine tool Zhao Qinzhi and secretary-general Li Xiangwen host respectively.Zhejiang morning dragon sawing machine co., LTD., China machinery industry federation, executive vice President, national metal-cutting machine tool standard committee, deputy director of the commission Yang Xuetong to the general assembly for the machinery industry currently running the report of the situation.Hu Ruilin China machine tool industry association industry are introduced in the progress of the information about the group standard and society standard.The national standard council secretary general metal-cutting machine tool Li Xiangwen made the national standardization committee-nanyang metal-cutting machine tool 2016 annual work report.Meeting the national standard “nc machine tool production line of flexible manufacturing system, discussed the draft and comment, and the heavy machine tool product classification, the five-axis linkage machining center technical conditions such as the five industry standard for review.After the meeting, the representatives visited the morning dragon sawing machine co., LTD. Zhejiang and zhejiang chang er intelligent equipment co., LTD.(the original title: metal-cutting machine tools standard council held three times in seven of the enlarged meeting) (source: China machine tool industry association)