GF processing scheme at EMO hannover 2017

GF processing scheme will be September 18 to 23, 2017 with a new intelligent manufacturing solutions at Hanover, Germany EMO2017 exhibition, together with you & other;Looking to the future & throughout;.Focus on industrial 4.0 foresight of manufacturing technology, high efficiency and energy saving technology and the increase of material manufacturing technology, GF processing scheme will be there with the overall solution at Hanover EMO2017 exhibition hall (27 B24 booth), exhibition area of 945 square meters;The whole booth will reflect GF processing scheme of technical innovation, complete product line and traditional intelligent ecosystem;Display products including GF processing solutions in automotive, aerospace, medical equipment and information communication technology (ICT) and electronic components and other key industries of all products.From the milling processing, automation and EDM (walking thread cutting and EDM forming) processing to laser texture material processing and manufacturing, the audience will be able to multiple perspectives to experience the GF processing scheme at the forefront of technology.Woven together & other;All for you & throughout;The brand slogan, GF processing schemes to & other;Looking to the future & throughout;On the theme of the exhibition Hanover EMO2017, allowing you to sense the future technology has been without waiting for & ndash;Rich products, comprehensive technology and intelligent products, jointly promote the customer’s production process to a higher level.Global starting \/ 2017 new products on the EMO2017 exhibition, viewers will be able to live experience GF processing scheme of the world’s first big milling product: new Mikron MILL 500 U P high-performance milling solutions.This is a high performance, high dynamic performance and high ability and high rigid cutting milling solution, it will increase the high accuracy and high surface quality of workpiece to a new level.Mikron MILL P 500 U can let users for processing complex free surface and difficult to cut materials, and shorten the processing time.The higher thermal stability to ensure the precision reliability of long time processing.Moreover, the machine with intelligent automation system, have greater competitive advantage, to ensure the high reliability of the technology of can satisfy the demands of high precision workpiece production core, such as aerospace and mechanical engineering artifacts, and auto mould, etc.In addition to the debut of Mikron MILL P 500 U, GF processing scheme will also show the car headlights combination mode of automation solutions.System3R automation system can provide 6 axis FANUC robots, further improve the ability of the solution.AgieCharmillesCUT P 350 precision CNC wire cutting machine tool following the first official appearance in GF processing scheme after international Open Day activities, this will also debut in Hanover EMO2017 exhibition.Automobile and electronic industries need to meet the faster delivery speed, higher production flexibility and higher production efficiency growing competition requirements, also need to ensure a successful at the same time.New AgieCharmilles CUT P precision CNC wire cutting machine series intelligent machining technology and improved productivity, and is suitable for more complex processing conditions.To comply with the requirements of industrial age 4.0, the series solutions to further improve the ability of interconnected, extend the die life and reduce the manual operation.More than 600 specialized technology to processing speed increased by 20%, the accuracy of up to 2 & micro;M.Interactive experience of the actual production and processing of GF processing scheme will provide viewers with interactive tour area, let the audience real experience of mould manufacturing difficult challenges and multiple key industries of the solution.Visit the line around information and communication technology industry production application show concise, perfect, high precision graphite processing solutions.Viewers will experience the Mikron MILL S 400 U 5 axis high speed milling solution in the long time of processing and application of excellent stability and precision effectively reduce (though not completely eliminate) the labor intensity of manual polishing.In the packaging industry special processing solution, the audience will feel mould quality improve and perfect the production of plastic parts.Highlights include AgieCharmilles AM S 290 increase material manufacturing solutions in shorten the production cycle and improve the quality of the workpiece application effect;AgieCharmilles CUT P 350 new intelligent function;Mikron MILL 400 U S stable and high precision;And AgieCharmilles LASER P efficient and repeatable texture processing capacity of 1000.In this exhibition, viewers will see the electronic components industry solutions, to ensure the stability of the high precision for a long time, meet the requirements of the industry to rapid change.Products include AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 X precision CNC wire cutting machine, this machine not only has high precision and has 100% automation, provide automatic control functions and high speed machining in machine quality new features;Three axis Mikron MILL P 900 high-performance milling machining center, this machine with high rigidity, high precision and one-click roughing to finishing technology in one;And AgieCharmilles FORM E\/S\/P electric spark forming machine series, to bring you a higher degree of automation, high efficiency, high reliability, high performance and perfect the processing effect.In medical apparatus and instruments in the solution, the audience will feel different batch production application of fast setting, high flexibility and high repeatability.Products include ability of processing with high dynamic performance and distribution automation system of Mikron MILL E 500 U 5 axis milling machining center;In any machining conditions can achieve perfect effect of AgieCharmilles CUT P. 350;And can ensure high repetitive processing effect, universal 5 axis LASER texture processing center AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 U.Another solution will show car headlights combination mold manufacturers how to ensure high surface quality and high precision, the products include new Mikron MILL P 500 U processing center, the machine has high process reliability, as well as AgieCharmilles CUT P 350 wire cutting machine, the intelligent module can ensure perfect flexible production application of high productivity and high quality.In addition, GF processing scheme will also show other products at the scene, including: Microlution ML – 5, compact, ultra high speed, high precision 5 axis laser precision machine tools, the fine machining technology is applied to computer numerical control (CNC) technology, on the basis of the micron grade fine processing and economic and technical feasibility.The shorter production cycle, lower cost and higher accuracy level is the foundation of compact high-performance ML – 5 success.Drilling, milling and cutting, and without cutting down the hot spots, allow users to quickly produce high precision workpiece is the typical application of high-performance Microlution ML – 5 products.- GF processing scheme of the System 3 r jigs and fixtures, automation and software solutions to help users increase productivity.Products include System 3 r WorkPal 1 (WP1) pallet exchange System, the System 3 r WPT1 + library and intelligent electrode System 3 r TRANSFORMER extensible solution 6 axis robot.Ultra compact System 3 r WP1: simplify the automated production of milling machining center, wire cutting machine tools and grinding machine in a easy for operation, improve the manufacturer’s production capability and production efficiency, without expensive machine modification, enjoy a higher return on investment.System 3 r WPT1 + intelligent electrode library adopts modular configuration, meet the requirements of a large number of applications, from milling, wire cutting, and electric spark forming processing, grinding and milling and electric machining composite applications.As the manufacturer’s production of auxiliary equipment, the solution can be in a production unit in the service of one or two machine tools, to provide one, two, or three material library, provide extremely high capacity configuration flexibility.System 3 r TRANSFORMER extensible automation solution 6 axis robot, further improve the high precision workpiece and mould production flexibility and automation level.System 3 r offer both stationary and orbital industrial robot automation System solution, satisfies the requirement of wide application, the carrying weight of 70 & ndash;700 kg, wingspan of up to 700 mm, can meet the transposition of complex movement request and workpiece handling ability.GF processing scheme, Step – Tec spindle.You will see the scene shows Step – Tec HVC140CoolCore new HSK – E40 spindle, the spindle with the production of molds and high-end artifacts as the goal;New HPC290 spindle, the spindle is designed for heavy milling of aerospace structures, semal, fir trough and blade.Customer service including new product with built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, SMART wire electrode, SMART wire electrode will significantly improve the GF AgieCharmilles processing scheme CUT P series precision CNC wire cutting machine availability, traceability and quality control ability.SMART wire electrode and AgieCharmilles CUT P precision CNC wire cutting machine tools are embodies the GF processing scheme of industrial strategy of 4.0, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and make the production completely can be predicted.In addition to the SMART wire electrode, customer service also exhibited more innovative products: visit GF processing scheme in Hanover EMO2017 booth of the audience can also enjoy more innovative products, including preventive maintenance, graphite machining solutions, the handle, customer training and industrial 4.0 digital services.For example, a customer can GF processing scheme of training, the staff give full play to their GF processing scheme of trainee product’s full potential, improve the quality and value of employees, to ensure the successful production.(the original title: inspire imagination & other;Looking to the future & throughout;& ndash;& ndash;GF processing scheme at EMO hannover messe 2017) (source: MM metal processing network)