Manufacturing PMI in August to return to the peak of 51.7 years time enterprise cost pressures

August 31, the national bureau of statistics, China federation of logistics and purchasing jointly issued, according to China manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) in August was 51.7%, 0.3% higher than last month.This is also the PMI fell in July after picking up again, and return to time highs this year, after in March this year, manufacturing PMI reached 51.8% of their highs.From the perspective of the 21 industry categories surveyed, 14 industry rising from the previous month.The obvious rise of mainly iron and steel industry, chemical and other basic materials.With the accelerating transformation and upgrading, aging supply capacity off gradually, the traditional industry is booming new vitality.But it is important to note that the current economic operation also have concern, such as the upstream product prices from rising too fast, exports are down trend, etc.National bureau of statistics (NBS) said on August PMI reading, manufacturing supply and demand both continue to improve this month, in the domestic market for the better, are imported.It is important to note that the main raw material purchase price index and producer price index were 65.3% and 57.4% respectively, are climbing to the highest point this year.But at the same time, nearly two months since the raw material purchasing price index and producer price index to the further expansion of the difference between the two show related enterprise cost pressure.In the manufacturing PMI overall picks up at the same time, different scale enterprise and upstream and downstream changes in temperature range.From the point of enterprise scale, large enterprise August PMI is 52.8%, than declined by 0.1% last month;Medium-sized enterprises PMI was 51.0%, up 51.0% than last month, to return to the expansion interval;Small businesses PMI was 49.1%, up 0.2% last month.Reporters found that since this year, large enterprises have been located at 50% above the critical point of PMI, expansion interval, small businesses in addition to the 4, 5, 6, 3 months, the remaining 5 months under the 50% threshold.The current economic environment is good for large enterprises as a whole.The founder securities chief economist Ren Zeping view, large enterprises to maintain high prosperity promoted that clearing capacity, industry concentration and the stronger the strong.Vice President of tianjin friends send steel pipe Han Weidong once told reporters: & other;In the steel industry, for example, with steel prices rise, enterprise cost increases, more advantageous for cash-rich big companies, small businesses than large enterprises in financing, operating conditions and big business.Throughout the &;From the point of upstream and downstream, upstream raw material prices rising, and pressure on downstream businesses.In August, according to data from the national bureau of statistics major raw materials purchasing price index and producer price index for 65.3% and 57.4% respectively, both climbed to their highs, and nearly two months since the difference is widening.The reporter found, since this year, raw material purchase price index and producer price index difference after first decline in rising process.1 ~ 8 months, both difference are respectively 9.8, 7.9, 6.1, 7.9, 6.1, 1.3, 5.2, 7.9%.The national bureau of statistics said the related enterprise cost pressure increased, from the industry, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry upstream industries such as the main raw material purchase price index and producer price index is located in the front row.The national bureau of statistics survey services center senior statistician Zhao Qinghe said, some companies began to worry that prices from rising too fast may accelerate the enterprise’s operating costs.(the original title: manufacturing PMI in August to return to the peak of 51.7 years time enterprise cost pressures) (source: the daily economic news)