Jamie dimon, buck DMC2017 famous new edm shaping machine

On June 13, 2017, & ndash;On June 16, in & other;Cooperation and promote lean manufacturing, mold development and prototyping & throughout;As the theme of 2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment (DMC2017) in Shanghai new international expo center no.e1 – E5) is at the grand.As the world’s biggest professional mold, the exhibition DMC2017 focusing on automation, integration, hyperfine processing and other cutting-edge equipment and technology.As a high precision edm machine tool industry brand enterprise, Beijing di mons buck technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Jamie dimon, buck & throughout;)A strong attack, with new product appearance.Dimon spark with new one since it was founded in 2001, Mr Dimon, buck is committed to precision edm, precision motion control, precision laser processing equipment and technology development.16 years, Mr Dimon spark has always been adhering to the & otherScience and technology lead, diligence innovation & throughout;Development philosophy, and constantly strengthen technological innovation, promote professional technology level, strengthen and optimize edm shaping machine, bend force building & other;Jamie dimon, buck & throughout;, & otherAdd driver & throughout;Two big brands.Today, Mr Dimon spark has become a leader in the field of edm, electric processing in China.Dimon crowds spark booth exhibition audience endless stream popularity continued growth in the exhibition, high-tech products gathered to show the audience a feast to a high standard of processing.The exhibition scene, dimon crowds spark booth to the audience an endless stream, popularity continues to grow.Staff motivated, enthusiastic reception to the audience, product features and performance are introduced, at the same time, according to the actual needs of visiting the audience give appropriate advice.Consultation, discussion, & hellip;& hellip;All kinds of sound, the good is busy scene.Staff warm reception staff visited the audience warm reception person annoys audience visiting this exhibition, jamie dimon, buck the latest research and development of oil tank DR400S automatic elevating edm machine and new double tauren spark machine DR1800K high-profile, praise and applause continuously.New double tauren spark machine DR1800K is developed by China and South Korea cooperation an edm machine, at present, the machine has been successfully exported to South Korea, as Mr Dimon spark to the international market.New double tauren spark machine staff introduced machine performance and characteristics DR400S edm shaping machine is the domestic leading with independent intellectual property rights of an automatic elevating edm shaping machine.The machine have the tank automatic lifting function, oil spill speed, good appearance, compact structure, high degree of intelligence, operation more convenient, the best roughness and machining efficiency can be improved, they are widely used in precision plastic injection mold, electronic connectors, communications and other fields.Jamie dimon, buck said: & other;DR400S edm shaping machine is one of the star product dimon, buck, customers to use after all reflect the effect is good.Exhibit on the meeting, the purchaser paid great attention to the product, unceasingly to consult with our technical personnel machine performance and technology.Throughout the &;Dimon spark edm shaping machine staff introduced machine performance and characteristics of each exhibition, dimon spark are full of harvest, the using DMC2017 this professional platform, dimon spark started again & otherAdd driver & throughout;Brand, gain more partners.In the future, Mr Dimon spark will continue to uphold & other;First-class technology, first-class service quality & throughout;The concept of development, for the majority of users to provide more precise and more efficient, more intelligent products.At the same time, also look forward to in the exhibition, to see Mr Dimon spark a magnificent performance.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)