Hundred outstanding enterprises gather shen, head of the research of intelligent manufacturing

On August 25 solstice 27, 2017 intelligent manufacturing innovation engineering conference held in shenyang, shenyang machine tool, huazhong CNC, siasun robot head about hundred excellent enterprise with more than 10 domestic intelligent manufacturing experts.Intelligent manufacturing for leading global manufacturing changes, has become the focus of a new round of global industrial competition.To help more Chinese companies involved, sharing resources, reached a cooperation, the Chinese association of electromechanical integration technology application hosted the meeting.General assembly to & other;Intelligent manufacturing and let the future of the enterprise innovation engineering better & throughout;As the theme, around 4.0, intelligent manufacturing and industrial innovation and five issues, such as alliance project discussion.Shenyang machine tool group chairman GuanXiYou, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., chairman of ji-hong Chen, siasun robot automation Co., Ltd. Technical director xue fang leading enterprises such as representative, the keynote speeches respectively.Intelligent manufacturing is the result of artificial intelligence research.Generally think that intelligence is the sum of knowledge and intelligence, the former is the basis of intelligence, the latter is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge to solve.Intelligent manufacturing should contain intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing system, intelligent manufacturing system can not only in practice constantly enrich the knowledge base, but also has the function of self-learning, and collecting and understanding of environmental information and its information, analysis and judgment and the ability to plan their actions.On September 10, 2015, the ministry of industry and information technology announced 2015 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project list, 46 shortlisted for the project.These include shenyang machine tool (group) co., LTD declare intelligent machine tool pilot space smart technology development co., LTD., Beijing declaration space products cloud manufacturing pilot wisdom, sinochem fertilizer fertilizer co., LTD., declare intelligent manufacturing and service etc.46 pilot demonstration projects covered 38 industry in 21 provinces, involving process discrete manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and product, intelligent new forms the new pattern, the intelligent management, intelligence services and other six categories, embodies the industry, area coverage and strong demonstration.Shenyang machine tool and the metal cutting machine tool industry only selected enterprises.In 2015, the ministry launched & other;Intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration special action & throughout;, mainly is directly cut into the key link in the process of manufacturing activity, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, pay attention to the growth of pilot demonstration projects, through the breakthrough point, effective experience and mode of popularization and application in the manufacturing fields.Ministry of industry and information minister MiaoWei said at the conference, intelligent manufacture has increasingly become the major trend of the future development of manufacturing and the core content, is also speed up the development way transformation, promote the construction of industrial to high-end forward, the important measures of manufacturing power, also is the new normal will create new international competitive advantage under the inevitable choice.And promote the intelligent manufacturing is a complicated and huge system engineering, is a new thing, it requires a process of constant exploration, trial and error, hard overnight, nor impatient for success.Hundred outstanding enterprises (original title: poly shen, head of the discussion of intelligent manufacturing) (source: liaoning daily, xinhua net liaoning)