Chengdu GongBoHui opening Intelligent manufacturing ChengLiang points

On July 26, intelligent robots, 3 d printing, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), intelligent welding equipment and other modern industrial equipment & other in chengduJing & throughout;Appearance.This is a reporter on the same day from 2017 China (chengdu) international modern industrial technology fair (hereinafter referred to as chengdu GongBoHui) on the scene.According to the organizers, this GongBoHui intelligent manufacturing and civil-military integration become the biggest bright spot.The GongBoHui exhibition area of 25000 square meters, displaying the content covers the modern industry equipment and technology, information and services, urban wisdom and life, all aspects of the modern industry.Have sheet metal laser machine, automatic robot, welding and cutting, civil-military integration, 400 companies gathered in chengdu century city convention and exhibition center, including yaskawa robot, kuka robot, kawasaki, laser, robot, daikin hw ul gear, happy face intelligent robot welding equipment, elevator well, big kexing technology of intelligent transportation, virtual and augmented reality industry, division wisdom intelligence systems and other well-known brands at home and abroad enterprises.In addition, the association of sheet metal pavilion, Kim rong town pavilion, pavilion, Long Quanyi pavilion, the sheet metal industry association of chengdu in 5719, industrial economic association of chengdu, chengdu intelligent welding equipment industry association and other groups to participate in the exhibition.The group has the characteristics of manufacturing industry, with huge team, advanced equipment and technology, to reveal their charm of the manufacturing and cohesion.According to introducing, chengdu GongBoHui has successfully held four sessions since 2013, and the exhibition of advanced concepts, complete industrial chain, one-stop industrial procurement platform and cross-regional cooperation mode of industry, industry and society’s attention and praise from all walks of life.By chengdu GongBoHui, attracted the developed Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other industrial areas of many high quality companies, successfully set up the exhibition and communication industry, investment promotion and capital introduction, regional cooperation platform;Chengdu has successively with kuka robot in Germany, Japan yaskawa motor, as intelligence and other international well-known enterprises in Shanghai tomorrow and industry leading enterprises to establish relations of cooperation, promote between eastern and western enterprise in intelligent transformation, such as high-end equipment to achieve a number of cooperation projects.According to introducing, the GongBoHui compared with 2016, increased the civil-military integration and intelligent manufacturing two sections, exhibition area expanded 20%, famous exhibitors growth of 30%.(the original title: chengdu GongBoHui opening Intelligent manufacturing ChengLiang point) (source: sichuan economic daily)