Xining CNC machine tool production rose 52.2% in the first half of the year

The equipment manufacturing industry since the first half of 2017, xining borrow & other;The one hundred – day crucial & throughout;, & otherHuang Jinji battle & throughout;Opportunity of development, the scale above equipment manufacturing industry to complete the industrial added value 3.038 billion yuan, up 34.1% year on year, growth is increased by 8.5% over the previous year, the provincial industrial proportion of 6.8%, year-on-year increase of 1.1%;The equipment manufacturing industry completed investment of 3.002 billion yuan, an increase of 1.5 times.Overall, run in the first half of the province of the equipment manufacturing industry to present & other;Steady development, continuous positive & throughout;In the situation.Xining CNC machine tool production during the first half year-on-year growth of 52.2%, according to statistics in the eight key industries, the added value of six industry keep year-on-year growth, an increase of 75%.In the growth of the industry, five industry growth rate is higher than the entire province average growth.Among them, the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing complete the added value of 2.36 billion yuan, up 42.4%.Computer, communications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing complete the added value of 042 million yuan, up 30.8%.General equipment manufacturing complete the added value of 269 million yuan, up by 63.5%;The added value of fabricated metal products completed 174 million yuan, up by 32.9%;Instrument and meter manufacturing complete the added value of 057 million yuan, an increase of 16.4%.Special equipment manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry growth decline is larger, fell by 63.5% and 63.5% respectively.Of particular concern is 1 & ndash;In June, 137, the province of CNC machine tool production rose 52.2% year-on-year, gear, 245 tons, up 31.7% from a year earlier, solid waste treatment equipment 91, fell 45.2% year on year, optoelectronic devices, 350000 (tablets, sets), up 4.5% from a year earlier.In addition, half a year to the province’s equipment manufacturing industry and the following some new window: & ndash;& ndash;Key industries market rebound.In the first half of this year, xining province machine tool, the gear, drying equipment, non-standard equipment and other industries orders year-on-year growth significantly, qinghai hua ding equipment manufacturing co., LTD. In the first half of the complete output value 60 million yuan, rose 2 times;Qinghai drying equipment co., LTD. In the first half of 3419 sales revenue of 31.25 million yuan, up 1042% from a year earlier, the qinghai heavy machinery manufacturing co., LTD. In the first half of the complete output value 24.51 million yuan, up 12% from a year earlier.& ndash;& ndash;Technological innovation have made new achievements.Qinghai hua ding equipment manufacturing co., LTD., national science and technology major projects products & ndash;& ndash;High-speed vertical machining center smoothly through the national technical acceptance.Qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD. In order to meet the needs sapphire processing enterprises in the province, developed the sapphire tao great special equipment, improve the industrial supporting ability in the province.Hercynian hua hui chemical machinery co., LTD., established in qinghai provincial engineering technology center & ndash;& ndash;Corrosion resistant non-standard equipment manufacture and experiment platform through the acceptance of pressure vessel, and put into operation.Qinghai second machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. Research and development of new products QH2 – LG750 CNC single screw machining machine has passed the user acceptance, QH2-042 – b crankshaft fillet rolling CNC machine tool marketing.& ndash;& ndash;Progress was made in construction of key projects.Qinghai conde casting machinery co., LTD. 680 mn multi-function extrusion and forging die forging press project bifunctional commissioning acceptance work, successful debugging a root in the category of vertical compression of the world’s longest 16 meters of large diameter steel pipe, and the aircraft landing gear and railway fork heart samples;The northwest region’s largest wire and cable manufacturing enterprises & ndash;& ndash;Xing Ming in qinghai electric power material co., LTD., a phase of the project is formally put into production, can not only make the xining province produced ultra-high voltage cross-linking power cable, is also an important way to extend electrolytic aluminum industry chain;Associated are flat pipe rack facilities manufacturing co., LTD., with annual capacity of 50000 tons of corrugated steel pipe (board) construction project two production lines have been debugging finished, ready for production.& ndash;& ndash;Industry docking econonmy.In the first half of the province equipment manufacturing complete upstream and downstream industry docking amount is 2.034 billion yuan, an increase of 99.4%.Dongda heavy steel structure co., LTD., active docking in qinghai province infrastructure projects in roads, power grids, warehousing, success in six projects, contract amount of 20.44 million yuan;Qinghai hengye equipment manufacturing co., LTD., fix attention on water conservancy project in the province and pipelines, investment 10 million yuan introduced pipe manufacturing equipment technology, expanding the area of the product;Heavy machinery manufacturing co., LTD in photovoltaic stents in qinghai, non-standard equipment manufacturing, machinery processing, a new breakthrough in the reconstruction plate, totaled 24.55 million yuan, signing a contract rose 42% from a year;Qinghai shaped heat treatment co., LTD. Heat treatment of the integration of public service platform in xining region heat treatment resources basically completed, in addition to provide heat treatment service for enterprises in the province, to lanzhou in gansu province and other regions to expand business, operating income growth of 145% year-on-year in the first half of the year.& ndash;& ndash;Special funds support enterprise development.Era of qinghai new energy technology co., LTD. And green grass in qinghai new energy technology co., LTD, declare two & other;Intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and the model of the new project & throughout;Strive for national subsidy funds of 22 million yuan in 2017, qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD & otherXH7960 made lie transformation type machining center & throughout;Won the first in 2017 (sets) of major technical equipment insurance subsidy funds of 420000 yuan.(the original title: in the first half of the province’s equipment manufacturing industrial added value 3.038 billion) (source: qinghai news)