Universal mechanical popularity soared New five-axis composite of drilling and milling machine tool sparkling highlights

On June 13, 2017, in order to & otherCooperation and promote lean manufacturing, mold development and prototyping & throughout;As the theme of 2017 China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment in Shanghai new international expo center grand meeting, and thousands of exhibitors to appearance.The exhibition display precision machining, manufacturing, mold processing automation solutions such as modern manufacturing technology, the global industrial machinery (dongguan) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Universal machinery & throughout;)A strong hit, with high precision, high efficiency, high performance new products become a major bright spot.The booth of universal machinery is E1 museum A015.Universal machinery exhibition heat continue to rise as the world’s biggest professional mold exhibition, China international exhibition in the number of exhibitors, hierarchy, buyers professional degree and got many aspects of commercial value.This exhibition a comprehensive upgrade, E1 – E5 pavilion five pavilion linkage, fully demonstrates the profiles of the new mould industry.Today, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;A full-blown era, universal machine with a new attitude positive participation, has made significant achievements.As a specialist deep hole drilling and mould processing equipment, universal machinery since its inception, has always aimed at the world, the latest technology in mould industry, constantly blaze new trails, with The Times.Strong scientific research ability and the innovation of the advanced technology is an important magic weapon, universal machinery based on the field of high-end through continuous practice, trial and error as well as to listen to your users, universal machinery, independent research and development of five-axis composite of drilling and milling machine, CNC deep hole drilling, CNC double milling machine tool products such as mold, CNC machine for professional organization affirmation and recognition in the industry.Among them, the whole of Asia’s first five axis composite of drilling and milling machine tool changing point of deep hole machining technology has reached the domestic leading level, by the broad masses of users praise highly of technology and quality leader.Number increasing appearance at the China international die exhibition, universal machinery with confidence, red and white atmospheric booth, swashbuckling seiko products, has attracted many viewers.Increasing heat during the fair, universal machinery exhibition, consulting the number is growing.According to the universal machinery exhibition chief introduction: & other;The exhibition effect is remarkable, universal machinery not only fired the enterprise brand, also harvest a lot of partners, numerous compliments from our product exhibition audience, have said is interested in cooperation.Throughout the &;Perfect demonstration complex mould efficient processing the event, universal machinery mainly exhibited new DPM430 CNC double and CAMDER1.6 S five-axis milling machine drilling milling machine two models of composite products.Among them, the CAMDER1.6 S five-axis perfect demonstrate complex compound of drilling and milling machine tool mould efficient processing technology, become a focus.This machine is especially suitable for in compound Angle of machined workpiece, the milling, drilling, deep hole, thread processing aspects of performance is outstanding, can be said to be the compound Angle processing and the best solution.During the exhibition, many buyers of CAMDER1.6 S five axis showed a keen interest in the compound of drilling and milling machine tool, consult technical personnel related performance of the machine tool and technology.CAMDER1.6 S five-axis composite of drilling and milling machine tool and bold innovation, keep improving, not afraid of hardship, innovation constantly & hellip;& hellip;Universal machinery is the way toward high-end field.This with the aid of the China international exhibition, universal machinery has mould industry and manufacturing the world fame.In the future, universal machinery will continue to uphold & other;To develop the latest technology, higher precision, perfect quality & throughout;The concept of development, to provide mould industry competitive ability of nc products.Now, there are still three days from the end of the exhibition time, want to feel five-axis composite of drilling and milling machine processing perfect charm, hurriedly to the E1 museum A015, universal machinery’s waiting for you to visit.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)