The 16th expo opening Attract nearly 900 companies

The 16th China international equipment manufacturing industry exposition and the third international robot exhibition opened 1 morning in shenyang international exhibition center.High-end IC intelligent machine tools, equipment, intelligent robot, intelligent of advanced intelligent equipment products such as pet exhibited in shenyang.According to introducing, this conference planning for industrial robot and intelligent equipment exhibition, national defense science, technology and industry exhibition area, general and special equipment exhibition, the international exhibition galleries, machine tools, metal cutting equipment, such as 9 exhibition area.Event including the industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing technology, 3 d printing technology and equipment, such as IC equipment, industrial design strategic emerging industry technology and equipment, with high-grade CNC machine tool and its features, general equipment and special equipment, large equipment, construction machinery and specialty vehicles such as represented by traditional equipment manufacturing industry products and defense science, technology and industry equipment and three types of civil-military integration products, exhibition area of 110000 square meters.& other;The exhibition to keep outside and stand more than 30.3% of the proportion of enterprises with foreign investment and more than 85% of the loading rate, in the domestic same type exhibition in the exhibition scale keep the leading level.Throughout the &;China expo organizing committee office director YueGuiJun said.In the robot exhibition, intelligent auxiliary device, feeding device, grip with robots and other humanoid robot attracted the attention of the audience.The expo exhibitors exhibits.xinhua Zhao Jiantong taken & other;Just press a button, can realize the automatic docking, don’t need the second person to assist.Throughout the &;Galleries in siasun robot, a robot bed chair integration, attracted many viewers.According to introducing, the robot can automatically nursing bed and the function of the intelligent electric wheelchair close 2 for one, can make patients easily turn, carry back, leg lifts.& other;In this way, can greatly save the nursing workload, and at the same time users can achieve some daily function, to help his recovery, psychological recovery.Throughout the &;Siasun robot sinica 田雪咏 said product manager.Small audience interact with dancing robot.xinhua Zhao Jiantong taken in addition to this, industrial machinery, VR, smart devices such as AR also attracted professional visitors to the exhibition, YueGuiJun said, & other;This conference is expected to visit to the total number of 160000 people, among them, the professionals and buyers will be more than 110000 people.Throughout the &;It is reported, this conference a total of 865 companies, nearly 4000 booths, of which 614 domestic enterprises, foreign and 251 foreign invested enterprises, foreign investment enterprises and foreign, mainly from the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Britain, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Austria, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other 16 countries and regions, the world top 500 and multinationals amounted to 63.(the original title: the 16th expo opening Attract nearly 900 companies) (source: xinhua)