Mg can mirror processing technology: the pride of made in China

Haoke technology, from an accidental discovery, in 2003 to today’s military aerospace, high-speed rail, ship, automobile, engineering machinery and general machinery manufacturing industry wide application, 14 years, a national patent technology, processing workshop from laboratory to all walks of life, the hardships and happiness are condensed in & other;Hao & throughout;Between the words.Haoke can be revolutionized a subversion of traditional processing technology, including world famous industrial media Organizer, more media outlets and departments rated as global technology innovation.Vauen technology currently has more than 100 patents, including 31 invention patent.And with the aviation institute, tsinghua university institute of materials, the nanometer laboratory such top research institutions jointly established the haoke can applied research platform.Haoke can since came out, he wrote a number of processing legend: can haoke technology & other;Kill & throughout;Siemens equipment and process to be designated as the hangzhou steam turbine factory processing spindle technology;Can haoke technology for French famous energy and transportation equipment manufacturers alston solve the mirror finishing of immediate concern, machining efficiency and machining effect far exceed the design requirements;Can haoke technology to achieve space engine bearing life beyond the world’s top Germany FAG aerospace bearings bearing enterprises more than 20 times, far more than China’s chief member of anti-fatigue manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Zhen-ye zhao academician of the design goal.When it comes to haoke technology development, & other;The father of milligrams can & throughout;& ndash;& ndash;Zhao Xianhua, referring to three simple words & other;Insist on & throughout;, & otherInnovation & throughout;, & otherAcme & throughout;.Adhere to the Insistent can recall haoke technology research and development, Zhao Xianhua smiled & other;Not to say that a few days, a month or two, or even a few months, you have no choice & throughout;, it is in this almost can not see hope to insist, Zhao Xianhua with its spirit of technology, selfless and family support, through time and time again & other;Well & throughout;In scientific research and industrial & other;One good thing came out & throughout;.Innovation, Innovative tried too, continuously break through conventional thinking, constantly self-doubt self-reflection, hauck theory system constantly improve, industrialization application matures, manufacturing plant from a small laboratory to all walks of life, solve the traditional processing technology problem, help the user to create a world-class products.Acme Perfect this is Zhao Xianhua often hung on word of mouth, because of the strict requirements, Zhao Xianhua led his technical team constantly overcome technical difficulties one by one, gaining new high technology, will & other;Hao & throughout;The technical superiority and potential of mining play ceaselessly, make haoke can become a dark horse in the field of mechanical conspicuous, break the western developed countries to our country enterprise in the field of high-end manufacturing technical barriers.Believe Zhao Xianhua will continue to lead his team, can use haoke technology for China’s a major manufacturing added!(the original title: to made in China!Mirror surface treatment we can do it!(source: today’s headlines Mechanical processing goldsmith)