Male name aviation division at 2017 China expo

On September 1, 2017 & ndash;& ndash;5, the 16th China international equipment manufacturing industry expo will be held in international exhibition center in shenyang grand.Male of aviation department worker (deyang) co., LTD. Will be there with precision terminal gear coupling, the double lead worm gear reducer and tilting tile bearing precision products, such as appearance, 2017 China expo, let the exhibition visitors experience the application solutions, and lead the future of precise terminal gear cases of precision machine tools, gas turbine, aviation engine, high-power locomotives, etc, etc.Male of aviation department worker (deyang) co., LTD. Booth number for E1 museum B132.The China expo while maintaining the original characteristics, on the basis of the key layout of metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool, test and measurement equipment, cutting tools, and high-end equipment, and other fields, insist on high-end CNC equipment, power “made in China 2025” to create a high-end platform for the large equipment manufacturing industry.In addition to product display, information exchange and trade negotiations to clinch a deal, the China expo will hold the development of Chinese equipment industry peak BBS, purchaser conference, China expo exhibitors exhibits awards and awards ceremony, as well as seminars, technical seminars, new product launch, children of rich and colorful activities such as trade fair.As a focus on research and development, manufacture and sale of used in major projects of large enterprise core parts precision contrate gear coupling, the male victim will send its male name of one of the three big business aviation division (deyang) co., LTD. As a representative, with the precision dual lead worm gear reducer and tilting tile bearing, 2017 China expo.Focus on research and development, pay attention to quality.Vigorously developed in recent years, the male name face straight tooth coupling, end arc tooth coupling and trapezoidal tooth coupling.In order to further enhance the application of the terminal gear products, increases the precision of the associated with double male name lead reducer, precision gear, tilting tile bearing products and technology such as inputs, and by a professional team to serve the professional customers, with excellent product performance and excellent product quality has left many male who won the users.Meanwhile, male is committed to establish the system of supply and marketing at home and abroad, implementation & other;Male name & throughout;The steady expansion of the brand.People-oriented, talent first.Talent cultivation is the point of every successful enterprise must pay attention to and understand this male name has also been training as the foundation of enterprise sustainable development.Gave to people a chance to, can give people with stage, for achieving it to encourage, this is male name always stick to the rules.With the growing enterprises, in order to more deeply understand the latest market demand in the present machine tool, the male of all kinds of large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad is becoming more and more important.It is reported, the 2017 China expo, males will display many end tooth disk (including face straight teeth and end arc tooth) and precision dual lead worm gear reducer, let more people have realized that & other;Male name throughout manufacturing &;The charm.It is understood that this is about to show end tooth disk including straight tooth end plate, high precision arc end tooth and special end tooth plate, etc.Males’ end tooth plate of high precision, dividing precision & plusmn;2 seconds, repeat accuracy & plusmn;1 second, processing gear for 2 ~ 720, can be widely used in aircraft engine, gas turbine, railway locomotives, turbo compressor, the nuclear industry pump and precision machine tools, etc.Reducer industry development in our country history for nearly 40 years, in the various fields of national economy and national defense industry, reducer products have a wide range of applications.Male precision double lead worm gear reducer, is a concentration of the males of many overseas r&d personnel after years of research results in the integration of new type of speed reducer.Precision double lead worm gear reducer the meshing clearance adjustment can be as small as 0.01 ~ 0.015 mm, precision have 1 & acute;And 3 & acute;, 5 & acute;, 7 & acute;, 10 & acute;And so on.Not only that, the product also has the axial clearance is adjustable easily fixed, small size, compact structure, stable transmission noise, to adapt to the high low temperature – 41 ℃ ~ + 221 ℃ wide environment, etc.Double unit lead to slow down because the focus, so professional!With the rapid development of China’s economy and customer support, for rapid development of the male name wear a pair of powerful wings, male star with the wings soar together leading enterprises and the users.The abundant experience, advanced technology and equipment research and development, and the unique professional spirit of males are today.In the future, the male will continue to strengthen the research and development of products, further enhance their own strength, to provide users with perfect after-sales service, all aspects of the user’s market competitiveness, with the user common development.Welcome machine tool industry to the male of aviation division (deyang) co., LTD. 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