Jiangmen focus on niche singles title

& other;Since its establishment, we always focus on their own sophisticated processing equipment, we independent research and development equipment precision is high, execution efficiency is higher, collaborative is better, so can have very high market share.Throughout the &;Guangdong branch jie machinery automation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Jie machinery & throughout;)Sales center, deputy general manager liu about the company’s equipment, gushing.Jie machinery staff showed reporters equipment running records.Founded in 1998, jie machinery, has focused on the equipment manufacturing industry, development, production and sales.The company chang-xi li, general manager of the sales center, jie mechanical attaches great importance to the research and development, every year 12% of their profits to the research and development, not only in the department have a r&d team, also the research and development of cooperation with customers, the customers need products directly.Focus on niche, focus on innovation, adhere to own their own core technology, it is a delegate with jie machinery jiangmen the common features of the equipment manufacturing industry.Data show that since 2015, jiangmen, the added value of the equipment manufacturing industry average growth of 12.45%, 4.95% higher than the city’s industrial output growth.Advanced market vision help build & other;Singles & throughout;& other;Ten years ago, the company will start to make the industrial robot, we give up now.We put more energy on the research on man-machine interaction, the machine data export, make full use of good data, realize the man-machine networking, ultimately meet the requirements of customers.We sell to the customer, for example, a device, when we collected the machine data to tell the customer the status of the machine, need what kind of operation, etc.Throughout the &;Chang-xi li told reporters, jie machinery in this area has been one of the leading enterprises in the market.Chang-xi li revealed that smartphone before ten years ago, jay machinery has been on the study of the flat glass process.Is precisely relies on advanced market vision, innovative research and development technology, the jie machinery in the 3 c product touch screen plate glass related business of the national market share of 40%, engraving and milling machine and its deformation products production and production accounted for 12% of the country.In fact, the advanced equipment manufacturing industry in jiangmen & other;Singles & throughout;Emerge in endlessly.Car is the only guangdong in guangdong enterprises to obtain the inter-city trains, manufacturing license;Fuhua heavy industry is Asia’s largest producer of semi-trailer special components, the no.1 global trailer axle production for many years;Guangdong high-tech Kate precision machinery co., LTD., is the country’s largest professional production of precision linear rolling guide vice production enterprises;Sea hon electric co., LTD. Is the world’s largest manufacturer of three dimensional wound core transformer.Strategic emerging industry cluster development of 30% of the world’s washing machine the dishwasher drainage pump market share, Jiangmen Idear – Hanyu Electrical be – Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Throughout, han yu &;)Under the wave of intelligent manufacturing, is actively seeking transformation.To er han yu Chen Yuanzhang charging pile group general manager said: & other;Drainage pump’s breakthrough is becoming more and more difficult, we seek from the core components of home appliance transformation to the core component of pure electric vehicles, the company’s future is one of the focus of the development of new energy vehicles with high efficiency drive motor and its control system.Throughout the &;Er han yuxin energy motor vehicle project has started construction, investment of 2.6 billion yuan of new energy car battery materials and new town project investment of 3 billion yuan of motor industry in jiangmen, signing on long superior industry in a hybrid car major breakthroughs were made in special field of nickel metal hydride battery cathode material & hellip;& hellip;More and more new energy automobile industry chain enterprises choose in jiangmen, help new energy automobile industry cluster development.With new energy vehicles, jiangmen strategic emerging industries to flourish, industrial agglomeration effect.With rail transit industry cluster as an example, jiangmen and introduction of guangdong in the car, knorr and all the city traffic equipment project, preliminary formed parts and the whole supply chain;Heavy card and commercial vehicle industry cluster formed by fuhua group, cimc vehicle, soldiers in the group, the world top 500 Delphi group as the core enterprise of exclusive cars, commercial vehicles and parts industry cluster;The ship and ocean engineering equipment initially formed shipbuilding industrial cluster, form a complete set of ocean engineering, ship, yacht industry, ship repair & other;The five one & throughout;The industrial system of the ship.Will bring more than 300 customers the loaded contact & other;In the future, the enterprise should have long-term development, must want to go out, combining foreign and local advantages.Throughout the &;To er han yu Hu Huan, director of the general manager sent a the most true voice.Jiangmen city vice mayor Cai Dewei said, jiangmen is bead west gateway cities, the third session of the pearl river west bank advanced equipment manufacturing industry international fair for investment and trade (hereinafter referred to as & other;The third bead will contact & throughout;)Is of great significance to make full use of this platform to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry.At the third bead contact jiangmen will use an area of 3000 square meters exhibition site, the focus is intelligent equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, new materials, new energy equipment, characteristics of general equipment (motor), large transportation equipment, rail transit, new energy vehicles, vehicle, Marine engineering), such as industrial cluster development new luminescent spot.Jiangmen is understood to have picked up more than 60 enterprises exhibitors, collected more than 50 pieces of representative physical exhibits.In order to better use of the third bead will contact platform, strengthen the communication with other urban enterprises, promote the development of domestic advanced equipment manufacturing, jiangmen, also invite customers to attend now to implement sea star, shenyang machine tool intelligent YunKe, calling from huaxun ark companies such as head and so on more than 300 customers.In addition, the jiangmen also summary the first signing dozens of projects, will in the bead contact sign up at the meeting.Cai Dewei also revealed that jiangmen will melt into a large bay area of guangdong, the use of hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and pressure-pad-force channel is the opening of the opportunity, fully integrated internal and external resources, and actively seek new orientation, new development of jiangmen.(the original title: jiangmen focus on niche singles champion emergence) (source: foshan daily)