Hannover messe 2017 a successful ending

Benefit from the visible digital technology & ndash;& ndash;This is the goal of hannover messe 2017.In the world’s leading industrial technology conference, after five days wonderful agenda, the organizers of a booming big events.Seekers gathered in a large number of solutions in Hanover, immersed in the intelligent robot, the adaptive machine and energy system integration in the unlimited potential, the fair will be to high.Hanover, Germany.Hannover exhibition company board member Jochen KöDr Ckler said: & other;More exhibition audience, more solutions, more international & ndash;& ndash;This is the hannover messe 2017 summed up.Throughout the &;& other;In the past five days, Hanover has become the center of the global industrial 4.0.For various industrial enterprises, the key problems involved in industrial digital various departments are given their answer: how can I let my company to the greatest extent possible to digital future?The hannover fair effectively illustrate its important value as a source of global policymakers main policy orientation & throughout;, he added.The exhibition theme selected boot & other;Industry integration & ndash;& ndash;Create value & throughout;Emphasis on the industrial advantages and 4.0 the role of people in the future integrated factory.As this year’s partner country, Poland called for more attention to the demand of the close cooperation across Europe, at the same time, its performance as a global industry innovation partners also left a deep impression to the professionals.As the German machinery and equipment manufacturing industry association executive director of the Thilo Brodtmann said in fair summary: Mr & other;Hannover messe 2017 is a unique event in mechanical engineering industry.Industrial 4.0 now has successfully passed the trial period, and has set up a file in the application to create real value.Show clearly reflects the industry of high emotion, drive the mood is: we mastered the exactly everything needed to complete the work, to seek benefits for people all over the world.But when it comes to international competition, we are a worthy leader.In short, hannover messe 2017 is a great event in the real.Throughout the &;German electrical and electronic manufacturers association (German electrical and electronics industry association), the chief executive of Klaus Mittelbach talk about Dr Way: & other;Hannover messe industry is booming, 4.0 is a powerful enabler to this theme from the beginning.In addition, the exhibition has made it clear that digital need identity from Europe.Now the urgent task of establishing digital alliance at the fastest speed.Throughout the &;225000 exhibitors at the show in the audience (with the same scale of the exhibition in 2015, compared to 217000 exhibitors audience number increases), there are more than 75000 people from abroad.& other;This is unprecedented in the history of the hannover fair 70 digital & throughout;KöCkler, says Dr & other;It was proved that policymakers around the world to the hannover fair as industrial 4.0 authoritative source of guidance and solutions.Throughout the &;Has the largest number of countries foreign audience is (9000) in China, followed by the Netherlands (6200 people), India (5300) and Poland (5000 people), among them, the polish audience hit a record of partner countries.In last year’s partner country, its exhibition audience achieve remarkable 3000, highlights the cooperation partners long-term exhibition effect.& other;Through close cooperation with the exhibitors, we successfully make this year’s exhibition of seven themes is the implementation of the true sense & throughout;KöDr Ckler said.& other;The exhibition will include more than 500 scenarios, truly achieve the digital technology’s commitment to the industry and the energy sector.Throughout the &;The victory of the collaborative robot is a new generation of robot exhibition another focus: the so-called & other;Cobots”& ndash;& ndash;Collaborative robot, it will fundamentally alter our way of working in the factory.Its connectivity, artificial intelligence, innovative sensors and intuitive operation to be able to communicate directly with humans, as the exchange orders to autonomous learning and collaboration with other robots.KöDr Ckler pointed out: & other;The robot exhibition display with keen interest.Collaborative robot not only in a large enterprise brought the exciting prospects, hannover messe in many of the small and medium enterprises is also committed to applying the new assistant in its own manufacturing operations.Throughout the &;From the sensors in the past to the platform main technical project is seen as a connection of different machines, but this year’s exhibition will platform solution to the front desk.In particular, is applied to the entire production operations based on cloud network connection, including data collection and analysis.& other;In a production environment & lsquo;Digital twins & rsquo;Concept trends are opening new horizons for industry, & throughout;KöDr Ckler said.If you can test in virtual reality, for example, test the new production line is feasible, so we can at a lower cost to product to market faster.The future energy system energy exhibition hall of exhibitors shows how the energy of the future system operation.According to the KöDr Ckler, & other;Our comprehensive energy square built an energy hub.Exhibition shows how power revolution can evolve into real energy transformation, including heat and liquidity in the market.Throughout the &;Exhibit the main focus is a new energy storage technology, including the sustainable production of electrolytic stacks, this make hydrogen solution even today a viable alternative.In the field of solar energy technology and some new methods, several companies shows even under low light conditions can thin flexible thin-film solar power generation, this opens a new choice for the practical application of this technology.Small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) to prepare for the digital almost every other week, will have a warning for small and medium-sized enterprise digital technology not yet prepare consultancy study.& other;Hannover messe 2017, tells a different story, & throughout;KöDr Ckler against hannover messe in exhibition company said many parts suppliers.& other;These companies are currently conducting process digital, and establish a connection with the partners, because they know that their customers (clients from the automotive industry, for example) hope for each parts all parts of the end-to-end digital tracking.Throughout the &;Another example is the Seltzer target company (Salzgitter AG), the company at the hannover fair exhibition presents a coordinated, emphasized the industrial 4.0 and digital is how to change the way they look at business and has to carry out the solution.The growth of technology start-ups trend following the successful launch last year & other;Start-up technology enterprise & throughout;Exhibit, it provides start-ups to potential investors, customers and partners to promote their own opportunities.Start-up companies to participate in the demonstration of more than 150, the content of the exhibition have renewable energy network storage devices, augmented reality system, and used for cars and trains operation of small wind power plant: & other;The exhibition technology start-ups exhibit will continue to thrive.We believe that many of them will in next year’s launch its own independent the hannover fair booth, & throughout;KöDr Ckler added.Partner country Poland as this year’s partner country, Poland dispatched 200 companies to hannover, highlights the country as a dynamic and innovative industrial strength.Research and start-ups is the priority to the development of a special field of Poland.This is the polish prime minister Beata Szydlo ms in hannover expo opening ceremony conveys information, these topics at the forefront of exhibition is reflected in the show.Poland also successfully highlights its leading position in the field of electronic mobile.Polish science and higher education minister Jaros?Aw Adam Gowin and economic development and finance minister Mateusz Morawiecki high-level representatives to attend the show, such as the polish politicians hannover messe on attaches great importance to.Hannover messe 2018 will include & other;Hannover international logistics throughout the exhibition &;And & otherIntegrated automation and power transmission exhibition & throughout;Held since 2018, the annual industrial automation (IA) will be held with the biennial international exhibition of power transmission and control (MDA) of a merger, both the exhibition was held at the hannover fair’s leading exhibition.Industrial automation and power transmission and control will be & otherIntegrated automation and power transmission exhibition & throughout;The name of the new joint, hannover messe reflects the covers all of industrial automation, power transmission and hydrodynamic field.Since 2018, the world’s leading internal logistics trade show & ndash;& ndash;CeMAT will hannover messe and held every two years.& other;Production and logistics processes are in the process of the intelligent integrated, so as to achieve more efficient and flexible production process.In hannover exhibition of international logistics, we will make possible such integration, and demonstrates the great potential of the resulting, & throughout;KöDr Ckler said.Hannover international logistics fair exhibition part include retail logistics solutions and logistics services.& other;Efficient logistics processes for the online retailers or brick-and-mortar retailers is vital to business success.To find the right people will be in Hanover international logistics exhibition of all-round or across channels logistics system solutions, & throughout;KöDr Ckler said.Hannover messe hannover exhibition of international logistics and the combination of double exhibition will become a highlight of next year, as international policymakers from industry and logistics industry provides a unique platform.Hannover messe next April 23 2018 solstice 27th, cooperation partners for Mexico.The hannover fair & ndash;& ndash;Enjoy the latest technology.As the world’s leading industrial technology event & ndash;& ndash;Hannover messe 2017 on April 24 to 28 held in Hanover, Germany.The exhibition to & other;Industry integration, create value & throughout;As the theme, is one of the world’s leading digital production (4.0) industrial and energy systems (integrated energy) exhibition.Hannover messe 2017 set up seven theme pavilion: industrial automation, power transmission and control, digital factory, energy development, air compressor and vacuum technology, industrial parts, and research and technology.Poland is hannover messe 2017 cooperative partners.(the original title: end of hannover messe 2017: more exhibition audience, more solutions, more international) (source: Hanover)