Factory automation in the five level, you know?

In recent years, China’s manufacturing industry has long been relying on labor advantage is gradually disappearing.Cheap labor force, was the main power of China’s manufacturing industry development, is now seldom so huge and cheap, companies are facing the worsening Labour shortages.Therefore, for large-scale manufacturing, want to compete in the global companies, only rely on technology promotion way to improve the production, the introduction of automatic and intelligent technology.Automation is also necessary to the development of the factory.Automation level one: using rapid orientation of the clamping fixture using fast clamping fixture, is the first step towards automation.In different machine tools and processes used in the unified fixture benchmark, the change of workpiece and the electrode is no longer needed artificial playing table, a few seconds the change can be realized, repeat positioning can be up to 2 & mu;High precision within m.Low cut with low preparation time low increase production times allow offline testing between production process automation 2: machine integrates automatic switching device in the use of rapid clamping fixture positioning, on the basis of machine equipped with the automatic change of the electrode and workpiece, so as to realize the automatic processing of a long time.But this kind of automatic switching device to realize the automation of processing capacity is limited.Low economic integration design low investment less automation level 3: configuration artifacts\/electrode composite system by configuring the workpiece\/electrode composite system, can support more number of artifacts\/electrode change, can handle many different tray system, central preset data and numerical control program to ensure the transparency of the machining process.Continuous high automation, low machining process improve the capacity of transparent low automation level 4: manufacturing unit with a processing equipment and services to many sets of machine tools and equipment, through the different machine and ancillary equipment to realize unattended processing, machining process with high transparency, real-time access to artifacts and process data, online measurement was achieved by three coordinate measuring instrument, ensure high quality production.Low realize unattended processing automation level five: flexible manufacturing system with a processing equipment, many sets of machine tools and equipment, service associate all machine tools and related data, realize the unification of the data flow and logistics management, and equipment according to the demand, suitable for mass production.Low equipment number according to the demand extension (the original title: five levels of factory automation production, you know?)(source: front nc technology)