2017 China industrial Internet congress opened in hangzhou

Along with the high-speed development of information industry, the evolution of individual consumer behavior change from Internet technology increasingly become a new industry development momentum.On September 1, guided by the ministry of industry and information technology, the zhejiang province people’s government, the Internet society of China, zhejiang province economic and information commission, sponsored by the hangzhou city people’s government of 2017 (the second) industry in China Internet conference opened in hangzhou.The reporter learned from the meeting, the meeting with & otherNew Internet ecological building industry & throughout;As the theme, give play to effect of assembly platform, borrows the advantages of the Internet industry and manufacturing industry in zhejiang province, build industry the Internet ecosystem, build industry the Internet & other;Fu can & throughout;Center.2017 China industrial Internet congress opened in hangzhou is of concern, China unicom Internet industry research institute, industrial Internet laboratory formally announced at a convention.In addition, it also released the top ten Internet intelligent factory, top ten enterprises industry innovation project, by the industry focus.Both China & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, & otherInternet + & throughout;, or the United States advocated & other;Industry throughout the Internet &;Or Germany to build & other;4.0 throughout & industry;, promote the development of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion is a national strategic target.Ministry of the letter, director-general of the department of soft Xie Shaofeng said: & other;Zhejiang province is the largest manufacturing industry in our country, is also the pioneer of the Internet industry.In recent years, the zhejiang province actively seize the opportunity of science and technology revolution and industry revolution, worked out the action plan of enterprise on cloud, cloud, accelerate the enterprise achieved positive results.The Internet society of China is the active promoter of the Internet industry and practitioners.Throughout the &;The meeting also attracted, chairman of the China Internet association WuHeQuan, member of Chinese academy of sciences jian-quan yao, member of Chinese academy of sciences Yin Hao industry experts, with China unicom, drops travel, mitsubishi electromechanical, chint group, China academy of information and communication, and many other industry leading Internet companies and research institutions together, & other;From the two fusion to the industry throughout the Internet &;, & otherInternet + & throughout;In the era of Internet of things industry development, & otherPrepare & lsquo;Internet + & rsquo;Is the build person of industry ecosystem & throughout;, & otherThe traditional industry data application development & throughout;, & otherToward to the cloud platform & throughout;, & otherThe wisdom of the future interconnection factory & throughout;Topics such as the theme speech, share experience, traditional industry and Internet integration innovation manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the Internet to study opportunity, share the industry forefront of the Internet technology and theory at home and abroad.Use online, digital, intelligent and a series of advantages of Internet technology, integration of industrial production, the realization of the design, development, manufacturing industry in areas such as management synergy and business model, to promote industry internal efficiency and external service ability, the Internet has become a global manufacturing industry one of the important path of transformation and upgrading, but also boost the importance of China’s manufacturing industry to upgrade & other;Accelerant & throughout;.Said at the meeting, chairman of the China Internet association WuHeQuan & other;Cover industry to the Internet with wisdom factory as the goal, the whole industry chain and the application of life cycle, and across the enterprise, realizing the two fusion depth.Throughout the &;Industrial design of the Internet many levels, can implement step by step, but the premise is the need to have at the top of open standards and global concept design, cloud is a good foundation.WuHeQuan also pointed out that the big data, intelligent, mobile Internet, cloud computing and the rise of the Internet of things, help enterprise & otherThroughout smoke cloud drive content &;, the transformation and upgrading.But the Internet to promote enterprise digital transformation of industry, the need to adapt to business process reengineering, management innovation, industry, the Internet is also difficult to success.& other;China’s Internet industry throughout the conference &;Will be based on the status quo of the Internet industry and manufacturing industry in zhejiang province, a full analysis of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises how to make use of Internet technology, realize the integration innovation.In addition also hope to rely on the conference, agglomeration advantage resources, boosting Internet development become China’s industry in zhejiang province new heights.The reporter understands, number in the middle and small private manufacturing enterprises in China.In order to help zhejiang & other small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises;Net & throughout;Upgrade, the current is in zhejiang province to make breakthrough in the field of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion development, cloud plan launched hundreds of enterprises, vigorously implement the machines substitution, networking, digital factory as the direction of the intelligent manufacturing development plan, accelerate the exploration can meet the demand of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises of Internet development path.The meeting host in hangzhou yuhang district is hand in hand China unicom building & other;Industrial town in the Internet & throughout;.Hangzhou yuhang district party committee secretary of the municipal committee, Mao Xihao says, in May this year & other;Industrial town in the Internet & throughout;Create a list for hangzhou municipal featured town.Town in order to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries as the goal, very important for a new generation of information technology, to promote the whole industry chain, product whole life cycle of the Internet into the method, concentration in the service of industrial transformation and upgrading of innovation to create the Internet industry.In & other;Internet + & throughout;As the core essential factor, speed up the research and development of the Internet to various industries, manufacturing, distribution, financing and so on each link of the reform, comprehensively promote the depth of the integration of information technology and manufacturing, the formation of a new generation of information industry.(the original title: 2017 Chinese Internet congress opened in hangzhou industry: Internet ecosystem building industry) (source: channel epicenter wide network of zhejiang)