The universe machine ZY – 850 vertical machining center for anhui research achievement

anhui universal machine tool co., LTD. (formerly zhejiang bao yu nc machine tool co., LTD.) was established in 2000, the new company is located in xuan.the city economic development zone in anhui province build way 1.Is engaged in the economical nc lathe, slant bed CNC lathes, CNC walk, walk all give priority to the nc product research and development and production of integrated enterprise.

universal machine tool has a strong research and development capacity, with CNC product research and development institutions and long-term cooperation with many colleges and universities development projects.The universe can produce all kinds of small and medium-sized CNC lathes and automatic feeder, mainly CK1120, CK1117 spindle portable CNC lathe spindle, CK1116 portable CNC automatic lathe, CK0625, CK0632, CK0632B, CK0632A CNC lathe, automatic feeder BY0520 etc. Product.Products with independent intellectual property rights, a number of data to fill the blank of the domestic machine tool industry and products available * the armed workers, aerospace, medical machinery, automobile, micro shaft, electronics, connectors, clocks and watches, glasses, and production of various kinds of hardware accessories.The universe machine has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

zy – 850 vertical machining center yz –

Z850 vertical machining center, the unique machine solid durable rigid structure, through the repeated simulation and calculation of engineering mechanics, design of the solid bed structure, of rigid multiplication and simplified engineering quality demand.Not only applies to the plate, plate, shell, precision parts processing, and is suitable for mould processing.Machine tool with automatic tool change system, fully enclosed shield, automatic lubrication system, cooling system, automatic chip removal device, manual spray gun and portable manual operating device (MPG).Parts after a clamping vertical machining center can finish milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping process, with a high degree of automation, reliability, simple operation, convenient, pleasant, overall modelling elegant appearance, high mechanical and electrical integration.Yz –

Z850 technical parameters of vertical machining center:
x axis stroke: 800 mm
y axis stroke: 500 mm
z axis stroke: 550 highest mm
spindle speed: 60-10000 – r\/min