Domestic longest single computer flat knitting machine assembly production line formally put into production

through the joint efforts of more than two months, on August 22, will be in ningbo textile machinery co., LTD, a domestic advanced technology, good stability, high efficiency, the longest single computer flat knitting machine assembly running water production line put into production.Since

the company since its establishment, always adhering to the “spirit, seriously make” business philosophy.From manufacturing, quality inspection, delivery, after-sales service the whole process of forming a complete, rigorous quality management system and modern advanced industrial equipment and highly qualified professionals, to create high-quality products.

a large number of imported CNC machining centers, CNC carved machine, import knife grinder, CNC grinding machine and other advanced equipment, to ensure the quality of the product.Company currently has more than 500 employees, including college degree or above in 169, professional research and development staff of 72 people, high-quality professional talents, is the major force of technological innovation.

high standard assembly debugging assembly line, greatly improve the stability of a single product, the consistency and efficiency of the batch products, daily can produce about 70-80 computer flat knitting machine.Production line put into production not only higher production task laid a solid foundation for the future, at the same time, also to expand the export business provides a strong protection.