Deformable mirrors in the application of laser cutting machine tool

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: laser cutting machine for cutting plate when different focus lens focal position of perforation and has a great influence on cutting effect, so you need to frequently adjust the focus of the focusing lens position to realize fast perforation and cutting plate processing.If the manual focus adjustment, the tedious operation, but also affect the efficiency.Deformable mirror curvature changes can make a laser beam focus changes when conduction to focus lens, so the deformable mirror can be applied as automatic focusing device on the laser machine, to improve the efficiency of machine tool.Keywords:

deformable mirror;The focus;Laser machine

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laser cutting machine in the application of plate production is more and more widely, but because of weak early machine tool technology, machine function is not perfect, only can barely meet the use.And laser technology development by leaps and bounds, the function of the original machine can not meet the current needs, if you can in the relevant function, can improve the performance of machine tools in the case of cost as little as possible to meet the needs of the customers.A company wants to purchase CNC laser cutting machine of the early related improvement on machine tool processing efficiency.


this machine for 2008 years, the technical background of laser cutting machine, the machine adopts FANUC 4 kW CO2 laser, CNC system of FANUC 18 il.Based on the machine tool to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the structure, performance, precision, we found that the machine performance is good, the cutting speed, workpiece cutting section is bright and clean.But the focus of the cutting head is adjusted for manual adjustment, more complicated and time consuming;At the same time machine tool in processing more than 6 mm thick steel plate, perforated time is too long, the serious influence of the machine tool processing efficiency.So only shorten perforation machine tool cutting time and focus automatically adjust improvement can improve the efficiency of the whole machine tool processing.

2, the design principle of

due to the laser cutting machine for cutting plate of different polymer lens focal position of perforation and cutting effect has great influence, so you need to adjust the focus of the focusing lens position frequently, early machine commonly used by manual adjustment of cutting head, as shown in figure 1.

when cutting carbon steel plate, when cutting the focus in the plate surface, but actually punch focus under the plank to penetrate, if using deformable mirror can automatically adjust the focus position, can make the punch time shorten, improve the machining efficiency of carbon steel perforation, as shown in figure 2.Before

in the processing of stainless steel at the same time, as the thickness of different cutting head, and frequent manual adjustment by adopting variant can automatically control the optics lens focus position, is to improve the machining efficiency of stainless steel materials.

so you can through the adoption of the 010 V analog voltage control of proportional valve pressure deformation changes the curvature of the lens, which changed the focus of the focusing lens.

3, track changes in FANUC 18 I –

LB system increasing deformation mirror perforation capability is a basic module type terminal I\/O module and extended module E, specific circuit improvement as shown in the figure 3.

  4、 PLC 软件设计、变形镜的设定及子程序





  #530 当前变形镜数值

  #531 第一次变焦时变形镜数值 推荐数值:1.0

  #532 第二次变焦时变形镜数值 推荐数值:1.2

  #533 第三次变焦时变形镜数值 推荐数值=#534

  #534 切割时变形镜数值 具体焦点数值

  宏参数 #530=0.67 是焦点为 0,宏参数+0.08 焦点位置向下移动约 1 mm,宏参数-0.08 焦点位置向上移动 1 mm。


5, the transformation effect when we carried out on the hardware and software of machine tool after modification, improve significantly on perforation efficiency, table 2 for before and after the transformation of the time compared to


the transform, through local is improved in the old machine tool, the user only spent less cost, machine tool use efficiency was improved greatly, have achieved good economic benefits.