Six years to finally have a quote machine tool market signal recovery

as six years ago don’t believe in machine tool industry market downturn will last, now in the industry to rebound since the fourth quarter of last year’s market also hold doubts, fear of a flash in the pan.On April 17,

in the opening of the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) period, China industry news reporters visited several machine tool enterprises at home and abroad, they generally reflect really feel the temperature of the market, especially the manufacturers provide processing solutions for the automotive market, new orders are considerable.But when asked whether they remain optimistic about their afternoon mood, also slightly carefully, according to the present stage the priority is to seize the moment, do a good present.

weakness under the new challenge is the theme of this exhibition

& other;New requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;.Can say this one theme accurately and vividly reflect the machine tool industry in China market and industry characteristics of The Times development, reflects the CIMT2017 background of the development of the industry.

according to the data provided by the China machine tool industry association, in 2016 China’s machine tool industry boom index was 53.9%, from 34.5% last year, returned 19.4%, reached for the first time in three years from above.The boom of the elements, the business forecast, order, and recovery is very obvious, 56.5%, 60.6% and 55.1% respectively, the largest orders index rebounded, returned 42.8%, reflecting the industry’s recent run trend stabilization and recovery.But at the same time, the boom of the environment and cost factors index fell 9.8% and 4.7%, respectively, indicating that judgment is not optimistic for the future management environment, at the same time, rising cost pressure is still large.

China industrial news reporter learned that, since the second half of 2011, the machine tool industry has been in a downward path, enterprises gradually increase percentage of loss-incurring enterprises, as of February 2017, business is still in percentage of loss-incurring enterprises more than 45%.Industry-wide decline in the quality operation, total main business revenue and profit growth, fluctuated downward trend, debt and accounts receivable growth is continuous growth, the debt risk is high.Some of the key leading enterprise management difficult, transformation of struggling, some enterprises even out of the market;On the contrary, some private enterprises grow, the great achievements in the field of segmentation.

2017 is our country structural reform continued to deepen, a supply side, in the international economic recovery and domestic economy under the background of kinetic energy conversion, China machine tool industry is facing unprecedented new environment, new challenges and new opportunities.

at present, China’s machine tool market demand changed dramatically, and significantly reduce the total demand, accelerate upgrade of new market demand structure characteristics are becoming ever more obvious.First of all, the machine tool market structure upgrade, performance to the rapid growth of the demand for the automation of complete sets of niche, the personalization, customization demand growth, universal product performance, reliability, increased demand shift upgrade;Second, the technology development trend of nc machine tool in & other;Efficient, precise, composite & throughout;On the basis of the intelligent and & otherGreen & throughout;Put forward higher requirements.

can say these requirements promote not only embodies in technical indicators, and to the enterprise product cycle, quality of service, and so on comprehensive test of system capability.This requires suppliers to

enterprises to grasp the technology development trend, adjust business strategy, from the supply side, dig the customer demand, research and development related products, in order to gain new development momentum.

the day before in 2017 CEO international BBS on machine tool manufacturing, China machine tool industry association, chairman of the duty, qinchuan machine tool group chairman and party secretary Long Xingyuan said that at present China’s economy in the old and the new kinetic energy conversion stage, economic growth fluctuate ups and downs, as industrial machine tool in the forefront of the adjustment.So the first thing to take the initiative to adapt to the adjustment, for instance, activate the stock of the old energy is to benefit, aiming at the new energy at the same time, to meet the new energy vehicles, three navigation\/two machines in key areas.

reversed transmission new competitiveness in the field, if not deliberately identification, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between foreign and domestic machine tool displays.Many foreign companies have factories in China on behalf of the said that the previous exhibition more, from the appearance design are pulled into the gap, and the exhibition, the overall level of ascension let them by surprise.

, CIMT2017 exhibition area of 131000 square meters, in the tens of thousands of exhibits include the host, the feature, numerical control system, measuring tool measuring tool, machine tool electrical appliances, and cutting, accessories and other industrial chain main product categories.Many & other;Throughout China starting &;, & otherThroughout Asia starting &;And & otherGlobal starting & throughout;The latest products to visitors.At the same time, in view of the host machine tool equipment, numerical control system is also emerge in endlessly, the practice of smart update including shows in & other;Internet + & throughout;Era, the traditional machine tool equipment industry and large data, cloud computing, intelligent integration development.

indeed, with the speeding up of the machine tool industry development, the development of the transformation and upgrading, high-end machine tool products in our country basically achieved by & other;Can’t do & throughout;To & other;Can do & throughout;Upgrades and crossing, economies of scale to achieve & otherFrom small to large & throughout;The rapid growth of, for many years in the world first.In the field of high-end products at the same time, also has achieved & other;From scratch & throughout;Breakthrough, in the high-end mould machine products are mainly basic realization by & other specifications varieties;Can’t do & throughout;To & other;Can do & throughout;The upgrade and leap.At the same time, the enterprise overall quality universally promoted, a group with strong market competitiveness of enterprises have begun to emerge.

, for example, private enterprises in zhejiang, hair essence machine machinery co., LTD., will not only equipment successfully into the space, also in the aviation digital equipment company, established in 2014, is set to begin intensive cultivation in the aviation market.

the same and dalian koyo technology group, the enterprise as early as 2013 and aerospace research and cooperation between 31 is homebred five-axis linkage boring and milling machining center equipment to carry out the optimization and process adaptability research.Two years later, the company for the China aerospace science and industry group successfully delivered China’s first aviation nc machining production line, from the numerical control system to feature all break the long-term monopoly of foreign suppliers, now dalian koyo manufacturing equipment more than 20 sets of five axis has been put into use in 31, used for all kinds of key parts machining aerospace engine field.Dalian koyo nc machine tools in the field of aerospace order has more than 200 sets per year.

3 28, organized by ministry of industry & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Application promotion activity held in China aerospace science and industry group.Minister of the ministry MiaoWei points out, & other;04 special & throughout;For more than eight years of implementation, machine tool industry in the aerospace field of typical products required for key manufacturing equipment & other;Any problem & throughout;Is gradually resolved, automatic press line in car big cover element global market share of over 30%, and successfully exported nine production lines.

he also points out that the harvest was not easy, in the future work will focus on four aspects: one is to insist on innovation drive on more prominent position, seize chain link.The second is to steadily develop special achievement demonstration application, numerical control machine tool to promote civil-military integration depth development.Three is to give full play to the bridge and link role of social intermediary organizations.Four is to scientific management, good organization to carry out the special nc machine tools.

China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan also said that the demand of market, enterprises also accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, it mainly displays in three aspects: the transformation of development strategy, from the scale expansion to quality efficiency, driven by elements to drive efficiency;Competition ability of reconstruction, according to the new requirements and new characteristics of the market, adjust the business direction, make to adapt to the market demand of enterprise core competitive ability;At the same time to accelerate enterprise internal structure upgrade.Specifically,

“2025” made in China want to speed up the depth of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing integration as the main line, in order to promote the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promote China’s transformation from a manufacturing power to manufacturing powerhouse.And the numerical control machine tool industry as a typical representative of intelligent manufacturing, need always more courageously hoof goeth before, and do a good job in service, keep good situation to the future, promote the industry to a new level.(China industry news reporter: hong-ying Yang)