Hanover GongBoHui 24 opening Baoan enterprises with high-tech products exhibition

Hannover messe 2017 German grand opening today, shenzhen baoan district in 22, 23 companies have arrived in hannover, and completed yesterday, all kinds of cutting-edge products at the booth, to show the world the baoan smart elegant demeanour, industrial city beautiful olive branch extended to the global merchants.As shenzhen industrial district, economic regions, the current baoan is take the quality as the main direction, support the development of high-end manufacturing, made solid progress & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Area construction, comprehensive docking German industrial 4.0.This time, more than 70 enterprises in shenzhen city to hannover messe 2017 exhibition area of more than 1000 square meters, including 23 of baoan enterprise, there are: laser, laser intelligence, o god grace semiconductor lighting, intelligent measuring 3 d vision technology, the foster’s mechanical and electrical, etc., they are the epitome of shenzhen, baoan industrial development, to show to the world in Hanover, Germany, display the baoan shenzhen.Reporter in the scene to see the exhibition yesterday, baoan district 23 exhibitors, the exhibition is methodically each booth will display industry’s top connector, frequency converter, industrial sensors, controller, LED lamp of machine tools, thermal interface materials such as the diversification of products.In 11 of the pavilion’s grace semiconductor lighting (shenzhen) co., LTD. The main display LED machine lamp, LED warning lights, LED freezer lighting, etc., the company is the domestic machine tool industry leader.Last year, chairman of the board of directors of the company chang-an zheng said, hannover messe to boost the company’s export growth, past European customers mainly through the Internet to learn about the company’s products, now showed the product to the customer home, let them have confidence in product quality, brand more.The exhibition this year, in addition to negotiate orders, to reveal the baoan more enterprise brand, the company is committed to build LED industrial light world-class brand.Pavilion is located in 26 air compressor of shenzhen bei teng technology the exhibition mold core drying machine, its module convection adsorption and regeneration technology, mold core independent removable replacement and regeneration of instantaneous emission technology, integrated drainage technology are all the world, many patent technologies such as Mr Teng technology should chairman guo hui said, will be on show for 4.0 industrial development path, closer ties with the European industrial power, expand the trade channels.Shenzhen of 17 of the pavilion in the roth electrical and mechanical technology development co., LTD., focusing on research and development, production and sales of industrial automation control products, the main display of closed loop stepper driver, stepper drives, closed-loop step and step motor.Said the company’s sales director oxidase, hope that through this exhibition to understand and develop the European market, and further understand the forefront of industrial automation technology and future trends, continuously improve product performance.During the exhibition, shenzhen, baoan enterprise will further expand the European trade channels, to develop economic and trade negotiation, analysis “4.0” industrial development path.Hannover messe (the original title: today the opening, 23 shares companies with advanced product finished, the exhibition shows the baoan and smart power industry city an olive branch to the global merchants) (source: baoan daily)