The league of nations in baotou power companies to enter the wind power industry gear box

Guodian united power technology (baotou) co., LTD., a few days ago in baotou city qingshan district equipment manufacturing industry park held a wind gearbox project start ceremony.Baotou city of the project construction, to promote the equipment manufacturing industry and the expansion of wind power industry cluster will play a positive role in promoting.

guodian division ring group of guodian united power technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2007, is the guodian group in order to adapt to the needs of the development of China’s green energy cause, solve the problem of wind power key, major equipment and the establishment of high-tech companies, the main research and development and production of the wind turbine.One group of Inner Mongolia in the high power density, large structural precision machining, assembly tuned has unique technical advantages, and in the aspects such as process technology, equipment and professional manufacturing has reached the international first-class level.Guodian united power technology (baotou) co., LTD., is by the guodian united power technology co., LTD. With one group company recently jointly established in Inner Mongolia.According to introducing, guodian united power technology (baotou) co., LTD., a total investment of 290 million yuan, the early stage of the registered capital of 180 million yuan, covers an area of 200 mu, the main production of 1.5 MW wind turbines using gear box.

wind power gear box is the key component of high power wind turbine, the development prospect.Project is completed, will form the production capacity of 800 sets of annual output of 1.5 MW gear box, reaching an annual output value of 1 billion yuan of above.Gear box of the construction of the project this year, the company main objective is to achieve two prototype fabrication facility and office buildings such as the main body construction is completed, and closely around the “wind power gear box” and “special equipment” two pieces of business, paying special attention to technology transfer and transformation, etc.