Signing ceremony for a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line released formally

In recent days, the luoyang city technology bureau scientific research seminar and a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line release signing ceremony was held.Old city technology bureau, the national development and reform commission, the labor bureau and MangShan office letter related responsible for the comrades to participate in the signing ceremony.Through the efforts of the three-year research, by the old equipment manufacturing enterprises & ndash;& ndash;Luoyang treasure ring CNC precision equipment manufacturing co., LTD., independent research and development of a new generation of intelligent auto glass pretreatment line to finish the debugging, has the production conditions.Signing ceremony for a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line released officially held this equipment from automatic slice, to cutting, bye, edge grinding, drilling, the whole production line to realize the automatic and intelligent production, comprehensive performance has been more than counterparts at home and abroad equipment, absolutely is in the lead!The smart car glass production equipment after the marketization operation, will completely break the high-end automotive glass processing equipment in China by foreign enterprises monopoly market structure.According to Li Zhiwei, head of the company, the growth lines one-click 39 servo motor highly centralized control operation, there is only one control cabinet to operate, it can automatically identify the glass size, thickness, only need to input all kinds of parameters on the computer, you can easily adjust the punching machine, grinding machine, slicing and so on these parameters, achieve the best processing effect.Previously, our country automobile glass processing equipment has long been a handful of foreign enterprise monopoly, product price is high.Only fuyao glass glass processing enterprises, the domestic several big companies such as adopting imported equipment for auto glass processing, many enterprises can only according to the production process adopts the traditional stand-alone processing way to organize production, waste of resources, low production efficiency.Luoyang ring company accurately grasp the development trend of intelligent glass processing industry in our country, realize the localization of smart car glass production equipment.This production line has already successfully declared 5 patents of invention, 7 patents of utility model.& other;Robot and intelligent equipment industry is the key of the municipal party committee municipal government determine the industry, we guide jurisdiction on the traditional advantage the products intelligent upgrade renovation, promote product upgrading.At the same time actively play a role of policy guidance, encourage equipment manufacturing science and technology innovation, new products occupy market with intelligent equipment, realize the new breakthrough.Throughout the &;The old city science and technology bureau chief Yuan Yonggong said.(the original title: a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line on-line) (source: image network)