Prime minister li keqiang, talk about intelligent manufacturing, CME China machine tool show what can do for the “made in China 2025”?

Made in China, 2025,

is in the first decade of the Chinese government implement the strategy of manufacturing power of action.”Made in China 2025″, insist on & other;Innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talent for this & throughout;The basic policy, insist on & other;Market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation throughout the &;The basic principle, through & other;Three steps & throughout;Realizing the strategic goal of manufacturing power: the first step, in 2025 into the manufacturing powerhouse ranks;The second step, by 2035 China’s manufacturing sector as a whole to make world powers camp medium level;The third step, to the founding of new China in one hundred, in the lead of the world’s manufacturing power in terms of comprehensive strength.5.17 we’ll talk about our premier li keqiang made in China, 2025, prime minister of “made in China 2025” has been clear about the & other;The roadmap & throughout;, the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, namely to promote the traditional industry change.Now as the world’s second largest economy in our country, military, medical treatment, the development of real estate and financial industries are very quickly, can say all industry on the basis of manufacturing, small to watch a humble small gear manufacturing, to medical equipment and even the manufacture of aircraft carriers, cannot leave the machine tools, Mr. Li showed that & other;Development of intelligent manufacturing to high-end equipment, short board equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, vigorously promotes the key core technology research, speed up the breakthrough of sensors, industrial software, industrial control systems, such as bottlenecks, concentrated support to key areas and transform and upgrade traditional industry innovation development urgently needed equipment engineering, industrialization, launched a new materials research and development and application of major projects, enhance the basic research, application development and system integration ability & throughout;, the CME China machine tool show “made in China 2025” a key direction for perfection, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As machine tool exhibition display area of the biggest highlights of the CME China, nearly 800 high-quality exhibitors, six exhibition areas include: intelligent plant exhibition, galleries metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool exhibition, work quantity cutting exhibition, machine tool accessories exhibition, international exhibition, nearly 100000 professional visitors, 80% of the buyers has the final decision, 60% of the audience has visited China for three consecutive years of machine tool exhibition, the past three years the volume of more than 2.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 1.38% of the total amount of China’s machine tool market consumption, it is enough to illustrate the CME China machine tool show effect and quality.

in today’s manufacturing, large annexation of small enterprises are common, the prime minister, said: & other;To create a “made in China 2025” phalanx demonstration can make medium enterprises in the area of cluster development, form an environment, a kind of atmosphere, leading to the development of the whole country, into the global market competitive advantage into full play.Throughout the &;The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more difficult, “made in China 2025” is definitely not light refers to large enterprises, formulate related plans and support measures must not only aimed at large enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprises to give full support, promote the development of medium enterprise financing.Li said, & other;Many small and medium-sized enterprises through mass entrepreneurship, innovation development of intelligent manufacturing, has become to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing power to be reckoned with.On this point, the CME China machine tool show do more perfect, the world medium companies hundreds every year in CME China machine tool show stage, such as: Mr Mark, doosan, in tianjin, citizen, north village, hanwha, superior technical point, the wines, irreverent comedy, RongTian, iron king, tam, pier feng, igawa hon, tokugawa, overseas Chinese, the book of genesis, dejan, yoga, matt, honest, I cing, Wei in brands.

conference decided to pay special attention to the pilot demonstration, adjust measures to local conditions to build & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Pilot demonstration city (group) and intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, preferred to create a batch of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Demonstration area, and support in policy and institutional innovation on the first try, formation of intelligent manufacturing and industrial cluster innovation atmosphere, creating a new growth area.Li keqiang stressed:

& other;In today’s world factors conducive to the development of peace began to increase, we must seize this rare opportunity.Accelerating the construction of China’s unique advantages, play a good manufacturing powerhouse.Throughout the &;Regardless of whether they are “made in China 2025” which direction, CME China machine tool show did not dare to say the industry first, as a rising star, just three years, displayed in the time of 12 days, the CME in east China machine tool exhibition has become the largest and most professional machine tool exhibition, the exhibition based on the Yangtze river delta, service the whole of China, facing the world, made a small contribution to the development of China’s manufacturing industry, believe CME China machine tool exhibition future hand in hand to the exhibitors who continue to help the development of China’s manufacturing industry.