Power of chongqing to make intelligent transformation 2017 jia machinery was opened

sponsored by the economic information committee in chongqing, the chongqing business committee of chongqing city jia convention and exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the 18th set jia international machinery exhibition (2017) on May 25 to 28, was held in chongqing international expo center.

set up exhibition is based on the rapid growth of industrial economy in chongqing developed important exhibition equipment industry.In 2016, chongqing equipment industry closely around the task structure, promoting the transformation and increasing benefits, insist on innovation drive, to speed up the foster emerging industries, promoting the development of equipment industry made good.Steady growth of industry scale, steady growth effect is obvious.Machinery industry rules in the city on the enterprise realize industrial output 230.3 billion yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the industry, the proportion of slightly higher than the same period in 2015;GDP growth of 9.9%.Achieve sales of 224.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%.Main business income is 223.7 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%.58% growth in the equipment industry, environmental protection equipment, machine tool industry grows 41.7%, power transmission and transformation increases by 20.2%, 14.2% growth of agricultural machinery.In the aspect of equipment on the product, the city’s production of 1971 sets of industrial robots, growth 1.8 times;3384 sets of CNC machine tools, an increase of 17%.Based on city industrial economic development achievement, western machinery and equipment industry event xviii jia international machinery exhibition in May to attack.

the state fair with innovation, sharing, open, diverse, as the theme, the size of 78000 square meters, from more than 10 countries and regions, more than 20 domestic provinces and cities of more than 1000 well-known enterprises will get fine appearance, exhibits, including various types of metal-cutting machine tools, industrial automation and robotics, casting die casting and heat treatment, sheet metal equipment and products, rubber and packaging, industrial park, features, etc.At the same time the new defense intelligent manufacturing, high precision aluminum processing projects, as a whole distance, unusually brilliant.

international gathering, famous brand for

as much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will develop intelligent manufacturing as strategic task of insist for a long time, digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing is increasingly become the main trend of development.Is chongqing in past the 20th anniversary of the 2017, chongqing will be fully promote intelligent equipment industry development and manufacturing of intelligent transformation.The exhibition more intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing solution concentration.All exhibitors

equipment industry the world famous enterprise.Yamazaki mazar-e-sharif, archie, gateway, and the Bronx kang, the world famous enterprises, such as citizen, good friends will debut metal-cutting machine tools, measuring area.Fanuc, Siemens, ABB, wide number, TV and other industrial automation leading enterprises will be displayed.But, di can laser, macro mountain, chutian laser and laser equipment manufacturers to bring new manufacturing solutions.The world’s top die casting enterprise buller, force strength, rich to converge, boutique castings pavilion, will make its debut in chongqing casting association exhibition highlights.With mold industry cluster development, a growing demand market, exhibition scale strength increases by 31%, the die and mould industry is suggested, domhke, ZhuoTai, FengChang, YongSheng, Japan’s son (Hitachi), a win hundred and extension, can enterprises will be dressed up to attend.Advanced equipment, star products to compete, comprehensive display intelligence to make new style.

China aluminum industry has gone through 60 years of history, at present, China is already the world’s largest aluminium producer, producer and consumer, has become an important international market aluminum supply base.As China’s aluminum industry into the scale, the aluminum processing enterprises to enter the important period of change and transformation, China aluminum deep processing and high precision exhibition (2017) arises at the historic moment, debut set exhibition.Tianchen, parker, it’s too long, coward, pradesh and other well-known aluminum processing equipment and material manufacturers will appear.In order to further cooperate with

countries of the two fusion, such as military and civilian integration strategy, build the factory complete industrial chain display platform, improve the development of the military domain informationization, digitized integrity, systematic and coordination, the defense intelligence manufacturing exhibition will be on display at the new N2 pavilion, companies such as huawei, huashan, zte, unicom will write efficient, intelligent product export.Ac

pavilion day activities, innovation the exhibition according to characteristics of industry in southwest China, and combined with the current industry hotspot, respectively, on May 25 to 27, around the car manufacturing, defense military\/aerospace, sheet metal, mold, etc during the show to build three major themes, communication, more than 30 games related topics communication meeting, activities, take turns.China (chongqing) intelligent manufacturing international BBS chair by lipeigeng academician of Chinese academy of engineering, both at home and abroad well-known experts, senior consultant and benchmark companies such as HP, IBM, changan, read the next ten years China’s intelligent manufacturing roadmap, plan for the road of industrial transformation of the digital and intelligent, help correct understanding of intelligent manufacturing, grasp the present situation and the tendency of the development of intelligent manufacturing key technologies, the correct selection.

as a national important military products manufacturing base in southwest China, has a large military enterprise, 2017 eighth military-industrial manufacturing digital technology exchange meeting will focus on military field six major industries (nuclear, aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic) intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing solutions of exchange of experience.2017 BBS will analyze the industry mold industry development in western China, discusses the new trend of development.

service development, benefit the west

to establish a high level professional level in the country have a certain influence of sanxin BBS, respectively in the western region of chongqing, sichuan, guizhou and other provinces and cities around the car manufacturing, mold processing, intelligent manufacture, digital technological upgrading, two fusion and other topics of the development of the technology exchange activities.Launched 4000 active purchasing enterprises acquisition plan, category involves the information such as procurement, marketing, recruitment, project construction, the collection to the list of companies and the stage of the public, promote the supply and demand information transparency.Perfect jia technical advisory group, fully give play to the role of experts, according to industry demand of the technique salon of the organization, and expert visit during the show set in link, around the one-to-one technology communication technology development, equipment type selection.Set fine cup – best craftsmen selection activities, together with the city federation of trade unions in ba-yu craftsmen selection in the whole society build respect skills, good labor great environment, will be in 27 machinery manufacturing professional engineer communication conference and awards, awards will also be submitted ba-yu artisans.

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(the original title: jia exhibition: the 20th anniversary of the establishment of an avalanche of chongqing in past, full speed up manufacturing intelligent transformation)