International forward-looking laser technology conference in 2017

China laser optical photoelectron industry association branch, southwest institute of technical physics, laser industry technology innovation alliance, guangdong province, shenzhen university and other ALAT in 2017 the 11th Asia (shenzhen) international laser application technology BBS at the venue, jointly organized & other;In 2017 international conference on forward-looking laser technology & throughout;.

& other;In 2017 international conference on forward-looking laser technology & throughout;Will contain three themes: (1) the new type of laser, components and its application technology;(2) new laser application technology,(3) the other new laser technology.

the conference will focus on the theme to invite domestic and foreign well-known in the field of laser technology research team, laser device research and development team of well-known enterprises and colleges and universities, laser processing and application of the well-known enterprises leaders, around & other;Looking forward to laser technology & throughout;Core topic, this paper discusses the current cutting-edge technology in the field of laser and photoelectron technology at home and abroad such as hot topic, introduced the latest technology development area, promote the development of cutting-edge laser technology application.

conference invite dedicated to science and technology of laser and photoelectron technology research personnel and university teachers and students took an active part in the conference and contribute enthusiastically, congress accepted manuscript to related well-known publications recommended, at the same time also invited engaged in related research and industry development in the field of companies, enterprises and institutions to release enterprise image promotion and scientific and technological achievements, product information, and invited some units as the event co-organizer.

sincerely welcome the domestic and international related research institutes in the field of scientific research personnel as well as colleges and universities teachers, graduate students to contribute.

organizer: China laser optical photoelectron industry association branch, southwest institute of technical physics, laser industry technology innovation alliance, shenzhen university, guangdong province,

units to undertake: “laser technology” newsroom in photoelectric engineering college, sun yat-sen university, shenzhen university FaHe college of engineering and technology, laser industry association of guangdong province

media partners: the laser manufacturing business magazine, the magazine of the application of laser, laser manufacturing network report

: time: on May 21-22;Location:

dian-yuan fan

honorary chairman of shenzhen university Shenzhen, a professor at the university of Chinese academy of engineering, chairman of the


king 浟 southwest technology researcher at the institute of physics, & other;One thousand people plan & throughout;国家特聘专家


  阮双琛 深圳大学 副校长

  王 彪 中山大学中法核工程与技术学院 院长

  李才莉 中国光学光电子行业协会激光分会 秘书长

  邵 火 广东省激光产业技术创新联盟 理事长


  王 甦 《激光技术》常务副主编


  李 鹏 西南技术物理研究所

  安国斐 西南技术物理研究所

  董 锐 广东省激光产业技术创新联盟

  李国忠 《激光制造商情》编辑部

  莫芳蕾 《激光制造商情》编辑部

  梁华伟 深圳大学

  焦中兴 中山大学




  《激光技术》编辑部 四川省成都市人民南路4段7号西南技术物理研究所

  深圳大学光电工程学院 广东省深圳市南海大道3688号深圳大学梁华伟

  广东省激光产业技术创新联盟秘书处 广东省东莞市旗峰路162号中侨大厦B座1505


  l 新型激光器、元器件及其应用

  ØNew laser (fiber, solid-state, semiconductor, etc.),

& Oslash;High conversion efficiency of laser (CO2 and Nd: YAG laser, etc.),

& Oslash;New laser processing system, components

& Oslash;The application of new type laser

& Oslash;Photonics technology development direction

& Oslash;Other new laser technology


l new laser application technology Oslash;New laser processing technology and application of

& Oslash;Laser hardening technology and industrial application (hardening, alloying, cladding, deposition, etc.);

& Oslash;Interaction between laser and material theory and application of

& Oslash;Laser preparation of new materials, new organization and new performance)

& Oslash;Laser forming technology of manufacturing other new laser technology and application of


l Oslash;Inspect and control the laser processing

& Oslash;Laser machining process simulation and theory of model

& Oslash;Laser beam quality optimization and affect

& Oslash;Light metal laser processing

conference essay requires

conference papers will be judged by the academic committee meeting experts, thesis will into the conference proceedings, good papers will be published in domestic core journals “laser technology”, academic committee will select excellent student papers and rewarded.

& Oslash;It is forbidden to copy others work or a draft cast more, the article main content unpublished.

& Oslash;Any submission paper in both English and Chinese.

& Oslash;Abstract (300-400 words in Chinese, English 1000 characters) should include: title, author’s last name, unit, contact information, the text, four to eight key words.Should be able to accurately reflect the research results of innovations, including the research purpose, methods, results and conclusions.


& Oslash;In the end, please be sure to indicate the first author or corresponding author accurate address, zip code, email, phone number, and indicate the attendees name and contact information.论文摘要从即日起以email的形式投寄。


  论文发表:经专家评审后,被会议录用稿件将择优在《激光技术》(中文核心、科技核心期刊)正刊出版。Published article must pay a certain layout fee.



  ²The offer of time: on March 10, 2017,

(Friday) & sup2;The full paper deadline: May 1, 2017,

(Monday) & sup2;Meeting time: on May 21-22, 2017, (on Sunday – Monday) mobile phone

attendees information early bird discount:

(fee will apply ALAT arbitrary a meeting at the same time, lunch, tea, gifts and meeting materials)

& pound;2017年5月15日前600元\/人

  £2017年5月15日后及现场注册800元\/人 £学生五折 *会议现场付款只接收人民币现金


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