GE and meteorological jointly develop wind turbine gear box

Nanjing, August 30, 2006, today, the diversity of the world’s largest corporate America’s general electric (GE) company and China’s largest professional high-speed gears factory, nanjing high precision gear group (meteorological) signed a joint development agreement, double will jointly develop wind turbines is special gear box, and supply GE to meet China and fan assembly in the global market and sales demand.
gearbox is the key of the wind turbine components, with the rapid development of global renewable energy market and China’s demand for clean energy, wind power equipment as a new growth point of the energy industry.At this time the two sides will jointly develop GE1?5 mw of fan.As one of the world’s largest producer of wind power equipment, GE this type of fan installed in the global and orders has nearly 5000 units.
according to the joint development agreement, the new gear box will be put into market, completed in 2007 and GE will provide its advanced technology, the six sigma and lean management procedures and technical personnel, meteorological tooth will be for the development of new products into the workshop, the corresponding personnel.According to the agreement, GE will also be in New York to GE named after the former chairman, jack?Welch leadership development centre for meteorological tooth top management to provide management and leadership training.
meteorological tooth, chairman and general manager hu yue Ming said: “joint development agreement marks not only marks our cooperation with GE has entered a new strategic height, but also for the Chinese enterprises to improve international competitiveness has created a new model. Through joint development, meteorological tooth become GE the world famous enterprise main parts suppliers in the field of wind power, and, more importantly, strategic cooperation for the meteorological tooth twin-engined created a new technology platform, platform and growth on the improvement of enterprise technical level and management level, and is of great significance.”
global vice President of GE company, GE China, chairman and chief executive officer Steve bertamini said: “GE cooperation with meteorological teeth will make both of us from the growing renewable energy market in the world common profit, this cooperation will make our wind power equipment global customers with high quality and competitive price products.”
pound said: “our cooperation with meteorological tooth also further embodies the basic ideas of the GE companies operating in China, with the Chinese customers and suppliers to establish a strategic, long-term and win-win cooperation. This joint development agreement will also strongly support GE” ecomagination “strategy, we hope to use GE’s advanced products and technology to help solve the problem of increasingly urgent environmental protection, energy saving and environmental friendly society in China, the development of contributions to realize the goal of the 11th five-year plan. The wind is our” ecomagination “strategy is an important part of.”
nanjing high precision gear group co., LTD. Is a large-scale enterprise mainly specializing in the production of high speed gears group, top the list of top 100 China machinery industry core competitiveness.At present, the company has total assets of 1.2 billion yuan, sales income of nearly 1 billion yuan in 2004.Meteorological tooth successively for domestic large companies such as baosteel, wisco, shougang supply gears.At the same time also actively explore the international market, products are exported to the United States, Germany, and Japan.Meteorological tooth of the main products are railway locomotive gear box, gear box for petrochemical, metallurgical special gear box, gear box, wind mill generator gearbox, etc., products cover metallurgy, building materials, electricity, chemical industry, mining, lifting, energy, defense, and many other fields, and in high-speed heavy-load gear box, mining general gear box holds an absolute advantage on the market, such as a number of products fill the domestic blank.Meteorological tooth has access to the national and provincial and municipal science and technology progress prize of 92 times, 22 products are classified as high-tech products, and became the first in China to adopt ISO1328 and ISO06336 international standards, national 863 plan and listed by the ministry of science and technology of CIMS application demonstration enterprises.

ge is a global diversified technology, media and financial services companies, the industry throughout the plane engine, power generation equipment, financial services, medical imaging, television shows, plastic and other fields.GE company engaged in business in more than 100 countries around the world, more than ten thousand employees, 2005 global sales of $150 billion.In China, the GE company has 12000 employees, with a total investment of 1.5 billion dollars.GE energy group is a leading global provider of power generation equipment and energy delivery technologies, provide a full range of products and services, fields, across the energy industry including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy;Renewable energy sources like electricity, wind, solar and biogas;And other alternative energy.