Fu Elmer: keep improving mold excellent quality

The global machine tool industry the strongest technology industrial feast CIMT2017, attracted from all over the world converged on the machine tool manufacturers, precision tools from Germany expert fu, also with its new V series star shine at the exhibition.& other;The first, is on display at the new 500 and VGrind360 VPulse V series products, this series of products unmatched precision technology and excellent production performance will make the audience.Throughout the &;Fu Elmer (taicang) machinery co., LTD. General manager Mr Xiao-hu Yang said.Fu’s group global sales director JüRgenHauger fu Elmer (right) and Mr (taicang) machinery co., LTD., general manager of greater China, Mr Xiao-hu Yang VPulse 500 is equipped with new discharge generator, as the core component of the product and the pulse generator, it can realize more strong cutting power and more excellent surface quality.The product adopts the mature modern machine kinematics organization layout, let all structure of take in everything in a glance, can effectively guarantee the production and maintenance in the process of high precision;Equipment operation follows the intuitive and easy to use design concept, the use of adjustable touch panel operation, make the programming and control in control, for the high efficiency, zero error of production has created favorable conditions.VGrind 360 100 mm in diameter is a used in the production of carbide cutting tools of 5 axis grinding machine, and multiple processing technology perfect union.Its biggest characteristic is the best in the C axis rotation point, distribution of the two vertical grinding spindle, it can be finished in a short time, all kinds of milling cutter and a bit of multiple, batch processing precision.Due to shorten the stroke linear axis, thus effectively reducing the processing time.New VGrind 360 together with top 5 CNC numerical control shaft, within the short trip can realize perfect interpolation, shorten the processing time at the same time, also can achieve higher precision.As a technical and service enterprises, fu, dedicated to provide users with high value-added solutions, in order to better meet the needs of the Chinese market, first, in 2004 to set up shop in China, and founded the second largest in Asia in taicang branch and production base, can provide users with the production, assembly, sales and service all aspects, such as support.At the same time the world high-end precision manufacturing rich experience accumulated transplanted into China, to fully meet the challenges facing the Chinese user demand and future development.Fu’s group global sales director JüMr Rgen Hauger said: & other;First, to provide Chinese users of products is the most advanced, the top products from Germany headquarters, because China is the first, very value of a market, we hope that with the help of advanced products to help Chinese users solve various problems encountered in processing in order to improve efficiency.Throughout the &;Because the products excellent performance, makes more and more Chinese companies use fu’s machine tool production and processing.& other;In the first quarter of 2017, our business orders for 2016 years the amount of orders throughout the year, indicating that the customer is fully trust in our products, but also take the test at the same time, that’s what we have to take the corresponding method to shorten the delivery cycle to meet user needs.Throughout the &;Yang said that in order to shorten the delivery cycle, improve the machining process, first, adopted the modular production line, realize flexible manufacturing, really improves the production efficiency.At the same time, the first at the end of 2016, has carried on the communication with users, in the full understanding user after the future market demand, orders are made in advance to shorten the delivery cycle.In the future, fu, will continue to focus on product research and development, constantly improve the production process in order to offer more advanced equipment to Chinese users, the smooth transition of power of China’s manufacturing industry.(the original title: top quality create excellence) (source: MM exhibition express)