Dano bart develop wireless for big billet cutting scheme

Dano bart developed wireless solution for large steel billet cutting, at present the leading system has been used in tool steel makers Uddeholm company located in Sweden’s factory.Uddeholm company involved in metallurgical field since the 17th century.Belong to the company Voestalpine international steel company in Australia, is a leader in this field, in the development of high-throughput steel has a wealth of experience.Uddeholm companies have offices in some 100 countries around the world and sales organizations, professional in cold and hot steel and plastic mould steel, the customer more than 10 m.
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dano bart develop wireless for big billet cutting plan & have spentDano bart and Uddeholm is not the first time cooperation.The Swedish factories have used by dano bart and equipped with advanced software design and manufacture of cutting equipment, to meet the needs of customers and achieve customer satisfaction.This time, Uddeholm company wants to increase the production capacity of esr line, through remelting refining steel billet, used in the manufacture of moulds, and other high-end industrial applications.
& have spentDano bart is one of the challenges this equipment must satisfy the high requirements of Uddeholm company for production, with enough ability under various extreme conditions of 40 tons of workpiece in high precision cutting.Machine tools need to have high performance to cut all kinds of material and size of billet.For cutting material surface covered with a layer of rust, increased the cutting resistance, at the same time also can produce dust and residue, so in the design must consider these issues when the band saw.
& have spentThe final solution containing a set of wireless power module, mobile travel up to 30 meters, to ensure the safety of cutting work, no need to set up barriers or barrier.Power module, located within the mobile device, run by induction system.Because without the cable, so mobile device without cable drag chain, such artifacts can through a variety of lifting equipment to operate in various locations in the workshop, have more mobile freedom.Mobile devices have a fixed system, ensure the safe operation and protection of vulnerable parts.
& have spentThis technique significantly saves machine covers an area of space, it is up to bart high value-added industrial cutting part of the equipment manufacturing plan.
& have spentAs machine tool manufacturers, dano bart company to develop the leading wireless cutting scheme, suitable for use in a car and big billet cutting in the field of energy etc.
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