Permitted even zhi: EMC electromagnetic shielding and narrow space stress release

Permitted even RLFZ – M series is a RLFZ–EMV combination support further development, realize the clamp of large clamping range MSKL shielding installation, save a space.Can be firmly fixed block clip size is 3 to 12 mm, and realize the stress release (according to DIN62444).Shielding sandwiched by two rows of staggered, thus achieve the best arrangement, shielding clamp maximum save space.Shielding stent used screw can be directly fixed on the mounting plate, ensure the fixed block clamp.Permitted think tank to provide the framework of the 10 kinds of different size, shielding clamp holder size can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.RLFZ -m shielding stent used in machine tool manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, packaging machinery, automobile industry, and many other industries must reduce cable shielding the environmental interference.About permitted even icotek GmbH (even permitted intelligence) is a icotek Group subsidiary, headquartered in Germany Eschach, committed to the cable management system and EMC EMC system research and development and production, and are exported to all over the world.Permitted the patent of the cable entry system can be applied to machine tools, railway technology, guangdong development bank wind turbines, solar technology, automobile manufacturing, and intelligent automatic sealing machine, etc., and is becoming more and more indispensable.Permitted even in Britain, Switzerland, Turkey, and has offices in the United States, and has agents in more than 50 countries around the world.We provide professional consulting services for global customers, more open international transportation and other services.(the original title: permitted intelligence even 丨 EMC electromagnetic shielding and narrow space stress release) (source: permitted wisdom)