Three-dimensional visual driving industrial robots to innovation

For the past robot system, the selection and placement objects is a very difficult task, because there is no better location method.But with the innovation of the three-dimensional visual development, positioning loot action is becoming more and more easily.The appearance of 3 d visual promoted the rapid innovation of industrial robots, widened their application prospect.New vision technology for the robot system provides flexibility, enabling them to complete function had ever before.Industrial robot itself is an incredible innovation in manufacturing, but & other;The blind & throughout;Version of the robot has its limitations.Then three-dimensional visual guide robot and what is the difference between the traditional robot?Flexibility to improve robot returns robot is widely used to replace the boring, repetitive tasks, a thorough liberation the low-end Labour.But because of the lack of visual perception and restricts their complete tasks more high-end, the traditional robot through programming required to complete a single task, and no ability to cope with the new change, when the task changes must be reprogrammed.Flexibility is the key driving force of the robot return on investment, 3 d visual function will make the robot can complete multiple tasks without reprogramming, have in the work environment at the same time to predict unforeseen emergency.In addition, 3 d vision allows robots to a certain extent, to identify the object in front of it, and react accordingly.All these functions improve the flexibility of the robot, so as to achieve faster and better return on investment.Three-dimensional visual encourage innovation in the robot 3 d visual technique in industrial robot application there are a lot of ways, one of the most outstanding application is to pick-up and placement, this is a very difficult thing for the traditional robot, blind version of the robot can only from the predetermined position to pick up objects, two-dimensional camera system unable to part from the selected in the scene.Laser triangulation method to realize 3 d robot vision is vision in one of the most commonly used method of pick up and positioning applications.In essence, computer aided design (CAD) model was teaching robot, enable it to identify the part of the space and its direction.Laser used for robot in the X, Y, and Z axis determine their space position, once the location of the robot know oneself and parts, it can pick up the parts and placed it.Although this appears to be a simple task, but it is a revolution in the field of industry.It saves time and money for end users.CAD model of a simple description, the robot can perform various tasks.From laser triangulation or different method, the three-dimensional vision is the driving force of innovation.The past is very difficult to the selection and use of robots, but now would be a normal operation.(原标题:三维视觉驱动工业机器人创新变革) (来源:OFweek )