CIMT2017 closing smoothly Release of industry transformation and upgrading of the new signal

At present, significant changes have taken place in China’s machine tool market, significantly reduce the total demand, accelerate the upgrading of demand structure new features more and more obvious.April 17 solstice 22 to & otherNew requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;As the theme of the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) held in Beijing China international exhibition center (new).As an important trade show China’s machine tool industry, the exhibition scale of 131000 square meters, a total of 1639 exhibitors, the audience of more than 150000 people.It is reported, the exhibition has been held in China international exhibition center (new) success the four terms, exhibits include metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool, machining and special machine tools, such as the laser processing inspection and measuring equipment, numerical control systems, industrial robots, logistics distribution system, casting machinery and heat treatment equipment, welding equipment, material manufacturing, application software, woodworking machine and other related manufacturing technology and equipment, etc.This exhibition exhibits include digital manufacturing and solutions, intelligent technology, high efficiency and automation, specialization, etc., the Chinese and foreign related enterprise shows its strength, the interpretation of the current environment of the world’s machine tool industry is facing new challenges and opportunities, and impress the audience.To promote Chinese and foreign exchange new technology as the world’s machine tool industry’s most influential one of the four international famous exhibition, China international machine tool exhibition is not only to show the world advanced manufacturing technology and machine tool products, is also to promote Chinese and foreign technical communication and important platform of China machine tool industry technology progress, is to observe the world the best window for the first machine tool market demand change.The reporter understands, the area of domestic and overseas exhibitors all around 50% of the total area of the exhibition exhibition.Exposition attracted 1639 exhibitors in 28 countries and regions participating, growth of 5.5% over last year, the domestic exhibitors 800, overseas exhibitors, 839.Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Japan and other 12 countries and regions, trade organizations and trade promotion agency group exhibition.The global machine tool manufacturing industry of famous enterprise with relatively large squad at the exhibition.Many & other;Throughout China starting &;& other;Throughout Asia starting &;And & otherGlobal starting & throughout;Latest product to see spectators, also provide a wide range of choice for the majority of buyers.A purchaser from shandong tells a reporter, he saw, timely grasp the industry dynamics will be great help for their career.& other;Every time I visited several session of exhibition, to find new products, new technology & throughout;.It is understood that since founded in 1989, China international machine tool exhibition in the related party, under the joint efforts of partners with industry colleagues, scale, brand status and industry influence, the atmosphere in the active market, and promote exchanges and cooperation, to promote industrial progress plays an irreplaceable positive role.Grasp the market change fresh air to the Chinese machine tool market is experiencing a comprehensive and profound changes, the main characteristic is rapid upgrading of demand structure.The exhibition theme & other;New requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;Agreed with China, & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;During & other;Supply side structural reform & throughout;The development of the main line.Industry experts said the complete automation, customization and widespread shift upgrade become the main direction of market demand structure.In order to meet the market demand new changes, machine tool manufacturing industry must start from the supply side, with satisfy clients’ demand for new products technology and service mode, through transformation to adjust their own development momentum., according to organizers of the exhibition exhibits the level of coverage and varieties, specifications have reached a new level.Contains tens of thousands of pieces of the host, the feature, CNC system, measuring tool measuring tool, machine tool appliance and rj, accessories and other industrial chain main product categories.Among them, the host products include metal cutting, metal forming, the gear processing, special processing, and other equipment, has attracted the United States, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Britain, France and other countries and regions of the machine tool industry association and related industry group visit head on the ground.This exhibition is not only a new product and technology exhibition platform, is also the sharing of ideas and information and communication platform.According to understand, to meet the organizations and personnel of various and multi-level demand, the exhibition organizers planned and prepared report CEO international BBS, advanced manufacturing technology, key areas of domestic CNC machine tool application symposium, & other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Special area, international business conferences, annual & other;Throughout industry top ten &;30 strong evaluation results release, and industry association, association leaders machine of all countries and regions, nc machine tools special results display and hundreds of rich and colorful activities such as lectures about technical exchanges, to further enrich and improve the exhibition participants of harvest and experience.(the original title: machine tool exhibition release industry structure upgrading signal) (source: “China trade news”)