Shanghai even deepen counterpart cooperation relationship to revive GongBoHui dalian city

Exhibition organized by dalian municipal people’s government, dalian China exhibition service co., LTD., to undertake 2017 (19th) dalian international industry fair on May 25 solstice 27 in dalian xinghai and dalian world expo center, convention and exhibition centre.The reporter understands, as the 2017 Shanghai dalian city two city counterpart cooperation relations after the establishment of the first solo exhibition will start the project, the GongBoHui got two city government attaches great importance to, the support of all the departments of the government gave the biggest strength, size and specifications have been an unprecedented increase.No.1
to revive the industry of new China shows, dalian industrial exposition has very important historical position, no.1 is the veritable industry of the People’s Republic of China.In
as a 2017 Shanghai dalian city counterpart cooperation relations after the establishment of the first solo exhibition will start the project, the GongBoHui got two city government attaches great importance to together, all the departments of the government supported the biggest strength.The exhibition scale and specifications have been an unprecedented increase.

Shanghai dalian city two cities to establish counterpart cooperation in order to meet the needs of more exhibitors, the organizing committee of the opening up of the dalian world expo center as 2 hall, collected nearly a thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises and the audience to participate in the urban areas from different countries.Participation of foreign companies and enterprises with foreign investment in China were from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, Germany, Japan and other developed countries and regions around the world each big industry.Participation of domestic enterprises, respectively, from Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, zhejiang, jiangsu, liaoning, jilin, guangdong, hebei, shandong, shaanxi and other 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
the exhibition, a total of 11 large exhibition areas: machine tool and mold exhibition, industrial automation and exhibition on electric power, high technology and new technology exhibition, fluid machinery and power transmission area, the electronics industry exhibition galleries, hardware tools, welding cutting and heating area, industrial cleaning area, liaoning local industrial products and industrial brands displays, liaoning industrial park investment promotion and capital introduction exhibits galleries, cooperative city industrial enterprise groups.
Shanghai city even the two city counterpart cooperation relations, will start after the establishment of the first solo exhibition project introduces to the reporter, director of the organizing committee of
, as Shanghai dalian counterpart relationship established first cooperation projects, the exhibition will become the strategy of rejuvenating dalian again landmark event.2017 dalian international industrial exposition is Shanghai, two cities start the project cooperation and docking, the Shanghai municipal people’s government organized dozens of companies to the exhibition, and organize large-scale economic and trade delegation to visit even, investment, the exhibition during the two cities will be a series of counterpart cooperation agreement.Previous dalian GongBoHui exhibition site

countries issued and implemented the “state council on deepening the implementation of a new round of strategy of rejuvenating northeast accelerate the northeast area economy stabilises opinions on some important measures of positive, driven in this policy, Shanghai and dalian to achieve the effective docking.The local governments cooperation actively, strengthen economic ties.Dalian international industry fair as two city counterpart cooperation start the project, carrying the city of Shanghai, dalian counterpart cooperation and docking strategic task, and a series of counterpart cooperation projects will set sail with the aid of dalian international industry fair this platform.

the internationalization, modernization, intelligent GongBoHui GongBoHui, participation of domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, number of enterprises with foreign investment and the scale will be three times as many as 2016.The year 2017 is & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Start the first year of development, is also the implementation & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Along with the year of the basis of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Manufacturing the promulgation of the blueprint for reform, the country’s industrial reform, China’s ministry of industry to the modernization of intelligent is the trend of The Times, the trend will be in the GongBoHui incisively and vividly.2017, artificial intelligence, robot, 3 d printing lasts hot represented by the new technology, the international competition has to reconstruct the industrial manufacturing and currently in & other;Digital intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As the core of the third industrial revolution is in the rapid progress of high and new technology but also emerge in endlessly, the more modern and intelligent of the exhibits will shine on this GongBoHui.At the appointed time, industrial robots, 3 d printing technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and the present of VR technology will appear in the GongBoHui.Due to the influence of rising, & other;Dalian instrumentation industry alliance & throughout;And dalian’s first 3 d printing society, & other;Add material manufacturing (3 d printing) in dalian to learn & throughout;Early in the GongBoHui formally established and held a grand ceremony.In addition, the exhibition enterprise large-scale exhibition in Japan, Japan Nagoya and kanagawa prefecture groups participate in the exhibition, yaskawa, library card, nachi, panasonic robot, Nagoya, knives, mitsubishi, keyence, NKK, SMC, TDK, omron, tianjin superior, dozens of Japanese companies on the exhibition.
exhibition of a professional, precise,
since 2014, dalian international industry fair traders drove 150000 kilometers, running across all industrial park, industrial park in liaoning province and key scriptorium, electrical and mechanical market, and in combination with the industrial park management committee of liaoning province, the industrial enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction to do fishing expeditions, formed the accurate data.Northeast China and bohai bay area industrial industries more than 10 m, of which more than 30000 enterprises above designated size.The GongBoHui has a very wide range of product coverage, basic covers the whole process of industrial production.From raw materials, to mechanical processing and electrical automation, etc., both materials, product manufacturing, automated production, fine processing, power electronic technology development will be at the conference to get perfect show.
in recent years, the development trend of intelligent digital industry has begun to take shape, the global digital process is also completely change the whole industry sector, whether Germany & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Or & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, the innovation of the supply chain in the full set of production process and traditional production chain to the fully digital transformation of the industrial production chain, visit the audience will also get the latest on this GongBoHui understanding.
(the original title: Shanghai dalian teamed up with the high & other industrial no.1 & throughout;)(source: the new business)