Major equipment of intelligent manufacturing and iot industry high-end summit will be opened tomorrow

Sichuan province from the letter committee, provincial department, provincial investment promotion bureau guidance, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of sciences, chengdu branch, deyang city people’s government hosted major high-end equipment manufacturing intelligence and Internet of things industry summit next day opening (18).This is a market with the strategy, policy and innovation, cooperation and communication, coordination and resonant industry high-end summit, experts gathered, guests assemble.Yesterday, our reporter contact related department, for the reader to spy on the summit, brilliant bright spot in advance.The expertise gathered
point one: in the new normal economic environment, in the field of industrial structure evolution and adjustment is becoming a new economic growth engine, especially in & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;After the official release, intelligent manufacturing become the main direction for the future development of manufacturing industry in our country.Deyang
as the United Nations clean technology and new energy equipment manufacturing industry international demonstration city, major technical equipment manufacturing base in China and the national first batch of new industrialization industry demonstration base, has a double, east steam, tepco, sichuan oil aprint a number of domestic first-class, world-renowned equipment such as leading enterprises.The summit to & other;Industrial convergence, throughout the application & innovation;For the purpose, product display for window, & otherIntelligent manufacturing & middot;New energy & middot;New materials & middot;Integrated circuit & middot;Car networking & middot;Engine & middot;Sensor & middot;The Internet of things & throughout;With emphasis on the full-scale, brought together the industry experts and head of the leading enterprises, innovative enterprises with investment and financing institutions, such as invited government leaders, distinguished experts.
summit set main venue and the venue.Main venue, the ministry of electronic industry development research center, chief engineers, science bureau of the central committee of the jiusan society, vice President of sensitive technology branch of China electronic institute Guo Yuansheng will make the building & other double ecological & throughout; industrial environment promote sensor & other clustering & throughout; development “keynote speech.National engineering technology research center, director of the CNC system, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. The chairman, & otherHigh-grade CNC system & throughout;Ji-hong Chen, head of the national major field innovation team will be 4.0 “from the German industrial transformation and upgrading of the traditional machine tool equipment intelligent” keynote speech.University of electronic science and technology, professor, doctoral supervisor, big data, director of the center, the number of league technology co., LTD. Chengdu CEO LLLDD will bring the big data innovation practice & ndash; & ndash; from basic concept to industrial practice.Huawei’s wireless office general xiu-feng wu general will share the huawei industrial iot thinking and practice.China mobile Internet base product director jonsson will lead to the China mobile in the practice and exploration in the field of new energy vehicles “speech.5 breakout include: equipment manufacturing and sensor & middot;Integrated circuits, aviation gas turbine, engine, new material industrial digital simulation technology & middot;Robot & middot;Intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles & middot;Unmanned & middot;Car networking, investment and financing negotiations.Highlight 2:
city university-enterprise cooperation all
reporter learned that, in the summit, deyang city will sign a series of cooperation agreements with industry research institutions.
the Chinese academy of sciences institute of microelectronics and deyang city people’s government signed the “framework agreement on comprehensive cooperation strategy of science and technology”;Internet of things of the Chinese academy of sciences research and development center and jingyang people’s government signed the “build the Internet of things (deyang) west of the Chinese academy of sciences industry sub-center agreement.
college signed project has five, the Chinese academy of sciences institute of microelectronics and sichuan yingjie electric co., LTD. Is the semiconductor solid-state rf power source localization project cooperation agreement;Metal research institute, Chinese academy of sciences and double group (deyang) heavy equipment co., LTD., is 700 degrees of ultra supercritical steam turbine castings cooperative development agreement;Southwest university of science and technology and sichuan Oriental water conservancy equipment engineering co., LTD is underwater robot recognition system and talent cultivation plan of directional cooperation framework agreement;Chongqing institute of Chinese academy of sciences and double group (deyang) heavy equipment co., LTD. Is a large mill housing process parameters optimization and digital processing cooperative development agreement;Lanzhou institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences and deyang her xin machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is the engine research and development and the performance of high temperature resistant coating of runway test cooperative development agreement.
(the original title: experts pulse intelligent manufacturing city hand in hand development & ndash; between colleges & ndash; major high-end equipment manufacturing intelligence and Internet of things industry summit highlights first) (source: deyang daily)