Machine tool industry to improve Wuxi taihu machine (fall) exhibition investment boom

I le a go, and can copolymerization industry event!Wing, shock to tin.The 2017 31 wuxi taihu international machine tool exhibition on September 25, 28, wuxi taihu international expo center huacai present!Learned from the wuxi taihu international machine tool exhibition organizing committee that machine tool enterprises orders this year is very hot.Starting from the fourth quarter machine order is showing positive trend, inventory consumption almost for the end of the year.Industry order status strength unexpectedly more this year.Wuxi taihu machine tool exhibition many exhibitors all too late production, some orders in May and June receive delivery date is the end of the year.Machine tool enterprises subdivision category is numerous, order hot cover all machine tool category, including general metal cutting machine tools, forging press and niche carving machine, etc.It is understood that due to the tight supply accessories such as guide screw, nc system, although the order is enough, but the machine tool industry has not already.Predict that this round of machine tool industry better or last for a long time.

under the current situation of how to better serve enterprises, promote the development of the industry, wuxi taihu lake is machine tool exhibition has been trying to explore the topic.Through constructing machine equipment exhibition and peak BBS platform machine tool industry development, promote the enterprise culture and products, enterprise strength, promote enterprise brand.And for the enterprise to provide more useful information, does the practical work hard for the enterprise.Wuxi taihu machine tool exhibition organizers train of thought is to market the depth of the stage.From the scale exhibition thinking to the office exhibition ideas, by a single charge mode to business mode development direction, by a single display to one-stop service direction, spread by passive to active marketing direction, on the basis of these four shift, believe 2017 wuxi taihu machine (fall) exhibition has a remarkable result.

wuxi taihu machine tool exhibition would also like to thank the leaders at all levels concern, the help of the enterprise, machine tool industry base brothers association and surrounding provinces and cities the support of the government and the enterprises.Have you advise the recommended, active participation, all kinds of support, propaganda, to attract more enterprises exhibitors can attract a multitude of exhibition of the guests.Jiangsu and the surrounding areas, not only that the machine tool industry base of the government and the enterprise also can obtain very good communication, enhance the understanding of each other, make greater contribution for machine tools and machining industry.Integrated information display, wuxi taihu machine tool exhibition gradually cultivate the market, by means of innovation will have a linkage with the purchaser and meet the demands of their new procurement is;Through interaction with end users, are meet the regional brand products terminal market purchase new demand;Through the interaction with the international exhibitors, are cultivating aims to promote Chinese enterprises to enter the international market distributing center of the bridgehead, cultivating international brands to enter the Chinese market.