Suzhou antimony m: winning by “smart and essence of” welding tools

China welding tool once made important contributions to machining, in the last century the nineties.With slashed prices of solid carbide cutting tools, indexable tool rapid rise, and the requirements of the cutting speed increase, a sharp fall in the number of welding tool market share.But because the welding tool to save hard alloy, PCD, high-end high speed steel and metal ceramic shall not replace the advantages of precious metal materials, especially the large size of non-standard cutting tools field, as long as the welding tool design is clever, keep high standards of accuracy, there are still a lot of living space.Tools is a magic weapon for antimony, on the welding tool sales, gains a lot of orders.
& have spent& have spentAntimony tamar non-standard welding tool & have spentBefore welding tool for base material is not stable, single structure, welding defects, lead to the dimensional accuracy and tool life.To overcome the above problem, must be targeted to improve, to make a breakthrough.
& have spentChoose the high quality base material (1)
& have spentHard alloy is usually used together with matrix material, the choice of substrate material mainly considering the size of the carbide when using the load.Antimony tamar tools are high speed, high precision cutting tools of production, so the choice of substrate is commonly W18Cr4V HSS, due to the linear expansion coefficient of high speed steel and carbide is close, welding stress is smaller, the knives’ service life.
& have spent(2) advanced structural design
& have spentThe welding of the tools of antimony knife has three forms: plug welding, the welding head and set type.For blade diameter under D12, priorities and welded, the diameter of D12 – D32 scope, priority choose whole welding head, above for D32 preferable tipped structure.Reasonable structure design, not only can the greatest degree to save hard alloy material, ensure the welding strength at the same time, reduce welding stress.
& have spentCommon welding tools, mostly outside the structure of cold, antimony tools can design various kinds of internal cooling way, has in the end, radial, between water tank and water production a variety of forms such as section water, greatly reduce the cutting temperature, so as to improve cutting efficiency and service life.
& have spent(3) reliable welding quality
& have spentWelding tool problem is one of the most general desoldering and trace out of shape.Antimony tamar tools on the welding quality control mainly there are several tips.The first is the surface treatment of welding area, to do perfect, welding the surface both matrix and cemented carbide, cooperate with the joint rate and surface quality are very important.Second, antimony tools during welding, strictly control the speed of temperature rise, according to the different specifications, the temperature and time strictly reasonable collocation, the matrix of annealing and carbide of thermal stress is reduced to a minimum.Finally, the heat preservation and aging treatment after welding is extremely important.General factory, after welding for a low temperature aging, aging treatment is no longer do after, actually such thermal stress and stress can release completely.So, antimony tools will increase again after coarse grinding a long aging treatment.So the implementation of the secondary aging, not only in the most stress, as well as the possibility of deformation of the substrate is minimized.
& have spent& have spentLarge diameter welding reamer pure grey water (center) & have spent(4) the use of advanced coating technology at low temperature
& have spentLow temperature coating technology maturity, in recent years has made it possible welding tool coating.This is a good things the icing on the cake.
& have spent(the original title: suzhou antimony m: welding tool to & other qiao and refined throughout the &; win) (source: antimony tools)