Hyde: automation in the industry for seam tracking system

Using the optical transmission and imaging principle, through calculating the welding seam and welding torch, the deviation between the output deviation, performed by the sports institutions in real time to correct deviation, accurately guided automatic welding torch, so as to realize the intelligence of welding seam in the process of real-time tracking.On March 18, 2017 China Qingdao international convention and exhibition center in Qingdao fastener equipment exhibition, island city startups Hyde automation of welding seam tracking system, won the praise of the industry.
& have spentHyde, head of the automation Yang Shihui tells a reporter, the Internet industry in Qingdao and under the background of intelligent manufacturing vigorous development, Qingdao Hyde automation technology co., LTD. Was born in 2015, the company is to provide personalized solutions, intelligent overall production line to produce a service-oriented high-end intelligent equipment manufacturers.Company focused on independent research and development integration intelligent automation production line, visual and laser tracking system, welding system, handling grab system, such as bending system and laser cutting system.
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Hyde automation: weld tracking system in the industry for supplying & have spentStartups Hyde automation is well received by the personage inside course of study
& have spentAt present, Hyde automation systems and products have been widely used in the industries of railway train, automobile manufacturing, steel industry, ship manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, petrochemical industry, household appliances industry and medical and health industry, etc.Dedicated to producing high quality, high efficiency and energy saving of intelligent solutions, the applications of robot teaching system, the digital training, teaching software, and practice a classic case of accumulation, has a number of national patent technology.
& have spentAccurate tracking of weld seam tracking system
& have spentIn addition to the automation of intelligent products, the company is also involved in the training field.Hyde robot training center, affiliated to Qingdao Hyde automation technology co., LTD., in January 2017, cooperation with the west coast of Qingdao innovation entrepreneurship center, is the only carrier in the west coast for the purpose of employment robot engineer training base, training courses focus on robot, double learning mode through the interactive practice, and aimed at small and medium-sized enterprise cultivating talents, the current shortage of robot application engineer to complete automation talent from the campus to the workshop the last step of the way.
& have spentBased programming can be used to complete the practice base and advanced programming, robot teaching tasks, which can realize the robot calibration tool coordinate system, robot programming teaching, such as line, arc, surface programming programming practice teaching function;The base at the same time also can be used as teaching and research institutions for robot application study, secondary development and test platform.
& have spent(the original title: Qingdao start-ups developing welding tracking robots won the national patent) (source: Qingdao news network)