GF processing plan new CUT P series wire cutting machine

In a new era of innovation, with electronic components, auto industry, medical apparatus and instruments for quality of production speed, flexibility, and puts forward the more strict requirements.
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to face future challenges, GF processing scheme launched a new CUT P series wire cutting, complete solution to meet demanding application, to learn about it together!
& have spent1, high precision, high efficiency and flexibility on the basis of the CUT P
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P series wire cutting machine
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temperature change is the biggest factor that influence the high accuracy.Even in the temperature stability of the workshop, the temperature control technology to ensure the stable temperature in & plusmn;0.2 & deg;C range, thus can realize high precision machining stably for a long time, the contour accuracy can reach & plusmn;2 & mu;M.
& have spent+ first-class pulse power IPG
& have spentFirst-class intelligent digital interpublic pulse power supply on the market, processing surface roughness can reach Ra0.08 & mu;M, and the processing speed is faster than made machine by 20%.
& have spent+ AC CUT HMI 2
& have spentHumanized user interface design, intuitive and easy to use and comfortable touch screen to improve the working efficiency of the operation.In both programming in machine tool and import data from CAD\/CAM software is easy to use.
& have spent2, a new era of automation, improve capacity of
& have spentProductivity, piece cost and flexibility is crucial, GF processing scheme of new waste management solutions to shorten the processing time is up to 20%.
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+ & have spentAutomatic waste management (ASM)
& have spentWire cutting processing to realize full automation for the first time.Traditional waste removal operation in the whole process takes up 20% of the time, and need manual operation.Automatic waste management will reduce the manual operation and increase the processing time.
& have spent+ automatic waste connection (ASW) mission
& have spentEasy to configure, a new automatic waste connection function automatically insert welding in the cavity, forming micro clamp with inverse corrosion technology.Therefore, can be manually before finishing a slight knock, convenient to remove the insert.Shorten processing time by up to 10%, shorten the time required for manual operation was 90%.
& have spent3, expert system, to guarantee the processing effect is the essence of technology
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& energy experts have spentFor the height change of the workpiece, & other;Energy experts throughout the &;Avoid broken wires, wire electrode on the parts to ensure the highest possible speed on technology at the same time.In addition, the height changes, intelligent module to ensure the smooth transition of power surface without a line.In the mold processing applications to achieve the highest quality of workpiece.
& have spentExperts
+ surface & have spent& other;Surface of experts & throughout;Control of discharge parameters of the workpiece during finish machining, in order to achieve the highest surface quality and polishing operation is minimized, and at the same time maximize the workpiece quality.
& have spent+ contour experts
& have spentControl surface detail perfectly.For any profile or height of the workpieces, & other;Experts throughout the &;Can automatically adjust the rough machining and surface fine processing parameters, to ensure the highest contour accuracy and geometry size.
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+ wire electrode experts & have spentFor any height of artifacts, & other;Wire electrode experts & throughout;Can dynamically control the wastage of the wire electrode, ensure that the highest geometric accuracy.Wire electrode cost reduced 25% than the parent machine tool.
& have spent+ taper expert
& have spent& from 0 deg.To 30 & deg;Taper can guarantee high precision (45 & deg; option).& other;Taper expert & throughout;As well as the unique Quadrax®Design, according to the cone Angle, even large cone Angle, can real time according to the size of the cone Angle correction in the processing of the position of wire electrode.Surface quality can be up to the surface of the cylindrical machining quality.If a complete calibration, taper Angle or even better than 20 seconds.
& have spent4, embrace the future, high availability is the key to the success of
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processing time is to create the value of time, this is the SMART GF processing plan and interconnect solutions to improve productivity and machine availability.
& have spent+ & have spentManagement resources, with intelligent materials improve the production efficiency of
& have spent+ & have spentWorkShopManager CellManager and raise the level of automation
& have spent+ & have spentMonitoring and tracking to ensure the high quality, eTracking digital process monitoring
& have spent+ & have spentStrong technical support, rConnect ensure maximum availability
& have spentAutomation system wire cutting processing can be combined with other technologies, formed a complete industrial production 24 hours a day, seven days a week non-stop production.Software management solutions to deal with all production data, improve the effective processing time for several times.
& have spentFrom just a few grams of weight surgical instruments to 6 tons of die casting workpiece, technologically advanced CUT P series machine tool can meet the requirements of users to the most critical applications, delicate and to the pursuit of every detail, help the user to further enhance competitiveness.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: a new generation of speed, flexibility, and quality, this is the severe wire cutting machine tools!)(source: GF processing scheme)