Wu Chong group WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center was awarded the red dot award

international red dot design awards in Essen, Germany aalto theatre, China north industries group wuhan heavy machine tool group co., LTD and shenyang industrial design co., LTD., joint design of brahman Wu Chong WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center machine tool of 4662 eligible product stand out from the whole world, to become China’s first equipment manufacturing industrial design award winning products.

Red Dot Design Award (Red Dot Design Award) designed by renowned German association Design Zentrum Nordrhe in Westfalen was founded in 1955, “the iF Award” with Germany, the United States “IDEA Award” and called the world three big Award, “international industrial Design of the academy,” said.Red dot award, adhere to the principle of open, fair and rigorous selection, innovation level, function, the human body function, ecological effect and durability as the index to evaluate for the product, the most forward finally and can lead the industry product design trends.

whcq1600 horizontal machining center designed for Wu Chong group independent research and development with high speed, high efficiency, high precision of large horizontal machining center, the machine main specifications and parameters and technical performance indicators have been close to or reached the international advanced level.Outer protective design new WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center, through the engineering technology and art means will be located in high intelligence and high-tech product image, finally embodied in products function, structure, process, visual transmission, the relationship between the market and so on, the enterprise culture and mutual fusion recognition system, make it become the image of the “state” machine tool enterprise communication platform.