UK media: according to research using the plastic product may cause migraines

Automobil plastic net news:, according to UK media use plastic cups or bottles of water can make millions of britons have a headache.New research shows that synthetic material package contains a “degeneration” chemicals may cause migraines.According to the daily mail website reported on December 2, bisphenol A (BPA) is thought to is associated with A variety of diseases such as obesity, infertility, and heart disease.Now, this is published in the latest study in the journal of toxicology research, points out that bpa causes severe migraines, affects one 7 of adults.Study authors urged a migraine patients from their diet to eliminate potential sources of pollution, including microwave tableware, plastic bottles and water dispenser.Their research report said: “by” fresh food diet intervention studies show that just three days later, the urine of patients with bisphenol A was significantly lower (down 66%).”Report said: “these findings from our research results show that the reducing contact with patients with migraines in clinical trials for bisphenol A…Headache in patients with reduced frequency and\/or strength, may reveal the ways to improve the life quality of patients with migraine headaches.”Researchers suggested that migraine patients should stop using plastic microwave tableware, plastic cups and plastic bottles.It is believed that A migraine is associated with A sudden change in the estrogen level, and can simulate the function of estrogen bisphenol A.Britain, about 5 million people suffer from migraines, but female incidence is three times as many men.Reported that bisphenol A is very common, from car dashboard to shower curtain, cashier receipt and cosmetics, etc. All sorts of things are used., including the European Union, Canada and China, many countries have already taken action to baby bottles shall be forbidden to use this chemical.Editor: Wang Huiying mobile client download 】 【 automobil information

France beat Argentina 4 than 3, the great game belongs to the genius and admire

The original title: France beat Argentina 4 than 3, the great game belongs to the genius and admire the victory belongs to the genius nova and admire.Stage of life and death war break “pampas eagle” in kazan could not avoid the fate of the failed, “mei” war also have died.On June 30, Beijing time late, the World Cup knockout 1\/8 finals in earnest, among them the first game of “death sits in the heat win between France and Argentina.Finally, in kazan arena a great match, France beat Argentina 4 than 3, became the first team into the top eight.The genius of 19 years old and she a brace.”I love this game, there are more great than this?”British chief correspondent for the independent concludes: “leading exchange of 3, 7 goals, two scream, messi’s World Cup, and had her overall rise.”Due to the game both sides have messi, pogba, had she and so on several big players, players always worth reached 1.8 billion euros, beyond Portugal and Spain before 1.5 billion euros, to become the World Cup the most expensive.While France is recognized as the title, but in the face of Argentina, France also dare not neglect.Historically, the two teams have met 11 times, Argentina 6-3-2, occupy obvious advantages.They had met in the 1978 World Cup in 1930, are also Argentina to victory.The road to Argentina in the World Cup qualifying wrangles.Argentina in the end of the round against Nigeria adversity reborn.Goals from Lionel messi the whole team renewed hope and rojo final winner to help avoid the embarrassment of the elimination of Argentina.In spite of the limping in the group stage, but we still confident Argentina up and down.Teams play not only one day in advance arrived in kazan, where the players has also made a haircut on the training and the collective, even “great” messi is deliberately changed a new hairstyle.This one is not only the most expensive, obviously is the highlight of the match in the tournament so far – Russian penalty, the world wave, refraction, genius, all these constitute the great game.13 minutes, and France’s team-mate in the backcourt ball, after 60 meters long-distance strikes into the box, rojo is pushed to the.Referee decisive penalty decision, Gerry boltzmann fencing.France 1-0 lead.Lattice boltzmann in these few years has become an important part of the France attack, he created in France in the European cup and World Cup in recent 10 of 15 goals (eight goals and two assists).”Absurd rojo performance.”The BBC commentator and former England star Danny murphy criticism rojo poor defense, “I don’t know what he was thinking.While palin’s strong run shows his determination.”And she turned to win a penalty.Gerry boltzmann fencing.Di maria world wave equaliser.Maradona on the sidelines cheering to celebrate.Only 5 minutes, and she again copy “high-speed passing scene, he was again down near the edge, the referee just called a penalty on a free kick.However, pogba shot slightly higher than that of beam.Famous British sports journalist John Bennett of tumbling praise and admire, “the rhythm reminds me of her, he is like in the past we made of ‘cheating’ in football game player, he is quicker than the human player, he is a higher level of player”.And “mei” lineker is amazing moment Yu M palin’s performance, “although I once said, I will repeat, and she will be the next superstar.”Great game, essential factors is full of wonderful goals and it’s hard to imagine the script.Argentina in 41 minutes turn the tide.”Angel” di maria received a ba in passing, outside the unwanted sniper’s shot, the ball straight hanging dead Angle, Argentina will level the score.This “wave of the world” is the most distant way in the World Cup so far Russia, more than 27 meters.And di maria has to be since the 1986 World Cup knockout ray Brazil card card, the first South American breached the French doors.Before this, France to seven South American countries in seven straight and do not break.France to take again.Had she a brace.Once people think di maria’s goal will rewrite the French to the South American team winning streak record.Because the second half, Lionel messi has taken less than 5 minutes to help Argentina to reverse the situation.48 minutes, Lionel messi turned LengShe hit the teammate mercado, rebound the ball into the goal, Argentina 2-1 lead against France.”It’s like 1990 years.”Brazil’s famous football columnist Tim vickery immediately sighs in social networks.That year, led by maradona’s Argentina, only stumbling from the group stages, but they are in the post-match look brand-new.The scene of the BBC reporter Jennings is described on the social network in Argentina to take the crazy scene after scene, “plastic cups and beer to fly into the air, everyone in Argentina in the jumping, hug.”However, game rapid changes of the play.The Argentine celebration was quickly doused reality.57th minute, France pawar receive passing, volley hit one feet no solution of the “wave” in the world, and will again to rewrite the score is 2 to 2.England star crouch said, “this is how a single wave in the world, and this is how a great game.”The fans and commentators not to have a goal from calm mood, and she was again the next city.The 64th minute, Lucas hernandez low cross, Argentina failed to clear success, and admire the area’s low, French 3-2 lead the score.The 69th minute, and the French classic counterattack, giroux direct passing, and she went down low shot!France connected to three goals, 4-2 leading Argentina!Headed the ball into stoppage time, substitute aguero.To rewrite the score is four to three.Too wonderful game, it is absolutely.At a news conference before the knockout, Argentina coach mulberry poly also understand France and group stage opponents are not the same level.But he also surprisingly said, “we from the World Cup only five games.”After the group phase, he spoke again, “with only four games now.”Unfortunately, after the knockout, mulberry poly can only lead to go home.”Messi has a great talent, we can see what others can’t see.He is the lighthouse on the pitch, we must improve the level of their own, to keep pace with him.”Before the game, mulberry poly constantly praise the one of the best strikers in the world today.Even in front of the France squad luxury, 31, Lionel messi is still the focus of the whole.He is relying on in the Argentina team offensive and organization, the key point of opponent France hound.Since the beginning of the game, the French midfielder cantor has been down with Lionel messi.Just the first half, Lionel messi is almost completely limited to live, he should have been in the middle, but statistic figure shows that most of his ball points on the right area in Argentina.The former England international Danny murphy believes that different from Barcelona, in Argentina’s Lionel messi lack of xavi and iniesta, he needs more forward.As the world’s greatest player, Lionel messi is not without embarrassing data: he scored five goals in Argentina in the World Cup are all in the group stages, that is to say, his 666 minutes in the knockout has never scored a goal.The embarrassing still continue the game.Actually, the team before the game has also been a certain question.Although have many stars, but these players in the group with an average age of only 26 performance seems to be not fully embody the value – three games 2 win 1 draw, only scored 3 goals, also lost a ball.Of course, this also and they are concerned with the group stages of the situation at that time.However, this group of young people in the face of Argentina proved itself, according to a statistics, and she is done 5 times in the first half, more than the sum of the 21 players;The 22-year-old pawar astonishing in the second half volley is.Young and talented team finally the last laugh, they continue to maintain a record – France as long as the advanced ball in the game has 19 games unbeaten in a row, including 17 wins and two draws.Fans are looking forward to the “mei” war doomed in the World Cup, but had already impossible to ignore.Both sides start: the French (4-2-3) : 1 – law;2 – pawar, 4 – navarre, 5 – um deedee, 21 – hernandez;6 – pogba, 13 – kantor;10 – and peja, 7 – Gerry boltzmann, 14 – misty idi;9 – giroux;Argentina (4-5-1) : 12 – an armani;More than 2 – meca, 17 – the tower door, 16 – rojo, 3 – Thalia fico;15-22 – parvin, enzo perez, 14 – javier mascherano, 7 – the add, 11 – di maria;10 – Lionel messi.

This year’s second batch of provincial product quality supervision and spot check percent of pass is 92.64%

The original title: this year’s second batch of provincial product quality supervision and sampling percent of pass is 92.64% on August 3, the province pledges inspect bureau held a press conference, announced the second batch of provincial product quality supervision and spot check results in our province this year.The supervision and spot check products related to daily and textiles, electronic appliances, light industrial products, building and decoration materials, machinery and security products, agricultural production materials, electrical materials, food related products, a total of 8 categories of 24 kinds of products.The 650 selectived examination production enterprises (including e-commerce nominal production enterprises, 83), 829 batches of samples, upon examination, 768 batches of qualified samples, random sample overall percent of pass is 92.64%.Among them, the new type wall materials (brick and block), submersible pumps, bedding, grinding wheel, cement, Portland cement clinker, special labor protective clothing, automotive diesel oil, motor gasoline, 10 kinds of tableware detergent product percent of pass is 100%.Man-made board, automatic electric rice cooker, wood furniture, apple fruit bags, chemical fertilizer and plastic cups, disposable plastic bowl 6 kinds of product qualified rate between 90% and 99.9%;Natural stone material, water supply with polyethylene (PE) pipe, ceramic tile, waterproofing materials, disposable paper bowl and cup five product qualified rate between 70% and 89.9%;Extension cord, general lighting socket non-directional since ballast LED lights, diffusion silicon pressure transducer three product qualified rate below 70%.In view of the product quality in selectiving examination unqualified production enterprises, the relevant person in charge of the province pledges inspect bureau said it would seriously in accordance with the law.At the same time, the province pledges inspect bureau is currently organized for school uniforms, toilet paper, gasoline engine oil and other 20 kinds of products quality supervision and spot check, and delivery to cancel industrial products production license certification, motor thresher, titanium and titanium alloy processing products, rubber seal products 4 kinds of products of special supervision and spot check, will also be persistent in coal production enterprise product quality supervision and spot check, and inform related departments and social information in a timely manner.(reporter Wang Manli intern means scene)

Ten years plastic, more need to reflect on consumer behavior

Fixed number of year of the original title: ten plastic, more need to reflect on consumer behavior in People’s Daily reported on May 28, from June 1, 2008 since the implementation of the “plastic limit order”, in the use of large business super obvious drop, substitutes increase, but with the development of new forms, such as electricity, express delivery, delivery, plastic boxes, plastic packaging and other consumption rising fast, new resource environment pressure.”Plastic limit order” pushing for ten years, its effect and see around the landfill can know.Sometimes think, when we occupy offspring survival environment of that kind of selfish ruthless, as the name “after my death, even if the deluge of Louis xv.Among the people, the recycled biodegradable plastic substitutes for a wave of high a wave, people look forward to the ability of scientists to find something entirely replace plastic packaging.In fact, this is also the effort direction in last decade.Such as effective as of May 1st this year, the provisional regulations on the express clearly put forward to express enterprises are encouraged to use environmental protection packaging materials, recycling express packaging materials.Development and reform commission also said that to adjust the plastic limit jointly with relevant departments to study, study and formulate in electricity, express delivery, delivery, and other industries to limit a series of non-biodegradable plastic packaging used related implementation plan.But this decade trying to say is very disappointing, because after all, science is not everything, at least in a short period of time.To compare the current promoting environmental protection plastic bags, for example, its environmental effect is compared with the initially anticipated is compromised.Because of the “environmental protection plastic bags need strict conditions to degradation, such as temperature, moisture content and specific reactor, etc., in the natural environment is very difficult to degrade.”Dedicated to the research of environmental experts noted that the “environmental protection plastic bags”, is still mixed together and all kinds of rubbish, eventually sent to landfills or FenShaoChang, still can’t degrade to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.And ordinary plastic bags, the only difference is that consumers only “in order to meet the demand of their green, spend some money”.Some have argued that the environmental protection bags, canvas bags, paper bags, can use to replace?But neither canvas bags, paper bags are pollution caused by the consumption of resources are not less.Experts said that if the paper bag, need to plant trees, cut down a tree, into the process of pulp, paper and canvas shopping bag involved in cotton cultivation, the industry of water energy consumption not only want to consider the use of pesticides, fertilizers, consider utilization of land resources, transportation, printing and dyeing, circulation, the cost of the waste landfill after burning.If we want to replace, even one over ten of the usage, pressure on the environment is also very big, can’t even worse than not environmental protection bags.From consumer standpoint invented disposable plastic products reflects the convenience of superiority over so far.Consumers can use very cheap price, buy follow one’s inclinationsly and then discarded.However, this convenience is based on another not convenient, that is to sacrifice the environment.After the white plastic incineration or landfill pollution of our water, pollution of our air, even when we eat fish contained plastic particles, we will understand that we harvest the inconvenience is far outweigh the convenience of the use of disposable plastic products.I subscribe to an environmental expert opinion, the fundamental way to solve the problem is not to find a substitute for plastic bags, really want to do is look at our consumer behavior.Why couldn’t we just moment leave these disposable products: plastic bags, plastic straw, plastic bottles, plastic lunch box?Even plastic bags with their relatively small size great convenience to the person but not a moment away from the body, why can’t we give up the relatively large size, or the use of pleasure is not so significant disposable packaging boxes, plastic straw, etc?When we buy takeout, why can’t the food into our own vessel?We can consult some practices abroad.Mid-may, vancouver’s parliament voted to zero waste program “2040”, Forbidden City merchants next June 1, to the customer to issue a one-off plastic straw, foam plastic cups and packing boxes.In February this year, the queen of England to declare war on plastic formally queen want to in all his royal turf, a complete ban on using a plastic straw and plastic bottles!Palace chef can only use ceramic plates, glasses, as well as recycled paper cups.Smell this, when we ask ourselves: “why can’t we?”This newspaper commentator 2 item

Lowest cling film, plastic cups, compound bag, percent of pass

Automobil plastic net news: in February, yiwu market supervision bureau of the city within the scope of the production, sale and use of food related products supervision and spot check, the unit of a total cling film, disposable paper cups (bowl), disposable plastic cups, straws, PP bottle (bowl) 91 food-related products such as batch test, the test results, percent of pass is 93.4%.The random inspection items including heavy metals, load performance, elongation at break (vertical), gas transmittance (oxygen), etc.Test results showed that a total of 6 batches of the product is unqualified, percent of pass is 93.4%.Unqualified products are mainly for the cling film, PET\/CPP composite bags and disposable plastic cups, unqualified project are respectively gas transmittance (oxygen), solvent residue and load performance.To the unqualified products, the market regulator has carried on the processing in accordance with the law.Market supervision bureau staff warns a citizen, when buying food related products, carefully check the QS logo, the production enterprise’s name, address, product standards, production date, validity of label whether is complete, the label of products need to be careful to buy, do not buy more “3 without” product, best to legitimate business, select normal in the production of enterprises.In addition, also note when buying observe whether product appearance whether smooth level off, thickness is uniform, the presence of impurities, etc., don’t buy taste heavy plastic tableware, had better choose packaging intact, in case of bacteria and mold.Editor: Ye Dan